Drop forging manufacturer


Connecting rod used in automotive is a major link inside of a combustion engine.It connects the piston to the crankshaft and transfer power from the piston to the crankshaft,then send it to the transmission.After finishing the design of a connecting rod,we could choose different materials and production ways.In most cases,connecting rod will be made in steel or aluminum.And we could consider investment casting process,drop forging process or powdered metallurgy.But according to its fuction,most purchasers will prefer drop forging process(see the differences between drop forging and investment casting),and the do precision machining.

When connecting rod applied in vehicle engined,investment casting is available.This type of rod is made just by pouring the molten steel into a mold,and then do machining to achieve finished parts.It is reliable for lower horsepower-producing engines and is the cheapest way to manufacture.Casting connecting rod can be used in almost each type of engine, from gasoline to diesel.But due to the shortage of casting process,defects may be easily produced.By contrast,drop forging is better.
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