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lunette ring assemblingLunette ring is a metal component that is installed on the front of a trailer,then towed by a vehicle using a standard pintle hook.Normally the inside diameter is 3 inch,it can be mounted to a trailer tongue using a bolt-on installation.There are different kinds of lunette rings,which are designed according to the weight of trailer.

Established in 2001 as a manufacturer of forged lunettle ring, CFS company has grown to become a leading manufacturer of forged components for trailer industry. Today, CFS vertically-integrated manufacturing capabilities include Mold making, Forging, CNC Machining, Welding, Surface Coating, Heat treatment, etc. Our key competitive strengths are Pricing, Service & Product Development. CFS Forge could make forged steel lunette ring according to your size. All these forged lunettle rings are produced from high quality alloy steel to reach maximun strength and durability. Of course, we are also able to make other forged trailer parts for you, such as D-ring, hitch ball, clevis grab hook, etc.
drop forged eyeboltsEye Bolt,which is a bolt with a loop at one end, is also one of the pipe fittings we made in drop forging process.Such eye bolts are designed to attach a securing eye to a structure and then tie to ropers or cables.We can divide eye bolts into regular nut eye bolts,rod ends,safety swivel hoist rings,pad eyes and eye nuts,machinery eye bolts,metric eye bolts,turned eye bolts and wire eye bolts, stainless steel shoulder nut eye bolts, shoulder nut eye bolts, open eye bolts, and closed eye bolts.

Ningbo Fly Drop Forge Co.,ltd is the top manufacturer of drop forged eye bolts in China.We can provide you eye bolts in high performance and meet your specific requirements.With advance drop forging process,we could quickly deliver eye bolts to you.And we can provide quantities for short runs up to full production runs.Our staff is available to work with you to assist in the design of the most effective eye bolts for your application.
forged elbowElbow is one of the commom pipe fittings applied in oil&gas industry.An elbow provides a change in material-flow direction. This adds pressure losses to the system due to impact, friction and re-acceleration.As product enters the inlet of the elbow, it typically continues moving straight ahead to the first (or primary) impact zone. The product is then deflected at an angle toward the outlet of the elbow. The deflection angle is determined by the elbow design, the product’s characteristics, the conveying velocity, and specific load (also called the product-to-gas ratio). In many designs, the product will hit one or more secondary impact zones before exiting the elbow.

Elbows can be divided into different degrees,45 degree and 90 degree.There are also different kinds of elbows sold in the market,like tube elbow,pipe elbow,reducing elbow,forged elbow,welded elbow,threded elbow,ect.Today we would like to talk about forged elbows.Forged 90° elbows are manufactured as SR (Short Radius) elbows and LR (Long Radius) elbows.
Hammer unions are commonly used in oilfield industry to seal two pieces of pipe or hose together and connected by threads or welds.They are high-pressure threaded or welded connections with two halves,a threaded female half and a wing male half with swivel nut that fit together and seal upon turning and then hammering the nut half together with the threaded half.To fit different sizes of pipe or hose,corresponding types of hammer unions are designed.In most cases,they come in sizes from 1" up to 10" and in pressures from 1,000 psi up to 15,000 psi.We distinguish pressure ratings with diffierent colours.Below is the chart for complete pressure rating and color codes for each high presure hammer union availible.

Fly's hammer union nuts are produced using modern drop forging manufacturing techniques to attain first class workmanship and dimensional control.All these nuts will follow our quality control system.Besides,we will also design a fixture to test and ensure correct assembling.100% testing could be done as requested.
rigging shackleRigging shackle is a u-shaped metal piece with a clevis pin or bolt across the opening.According to its usage,such rigging shackles are designed into different types,like bolt type anchor shackles,screw pin anchor shackles,screw pin sling shacke,bolt type chain shackle,ect.Shackles are the main connecting link used in rigging systems,from boats,ships to industrial crane rigging.They are used for not only lifting,but also for securing loads, retrieval, fall precaution,and other activities.These shackles are made from high corrosion resistant stainless steel, carbon steel and steel alloy both self-colored and galvanized, which makes them capable of enduring years of tough rigging. However if not used properly you run the risk of not only breaking the shackle but injuring yourself or others.

Fly Forge is an authorized manufacturer for rigging hardware districtutor/dealer(shackle,wire rope clip,hook,eyebolt,ect).We can drop forge shackles in any type with stainless steel,carbon steel or other steels.Our in house heat treatment will greatly improve the strength of such parts.And assembling to be a whole is also one of the benefits for us to manufacture shackles for you.Currently,all our rigging shackles are exported to Europe and America region.Just pls contact us right now,no type limitation,no time limitation!
drop forged wire roper clipOnce wire rope is easy to be loose and looped back to form an eye,so wire rope clips are produced to fix the loose end of wire rope.We can also call wire rope clip a u-bolt clamp or u-bolt clip.A wire rope clip is made up of a u-bolt with a saddle secured by two bolts.Normally,at least two or three wire rope clips to be assembled to wire rope to secure the ends properly to the length of the roper.

While wire rope clips are not designed to be used in an overhead lifting situation (swage sleeves should be used instead), drop forged wire rope clips are a heavy duty wire rope clip that can be used for sustaining overhead loads. Examples include guy lines, support lines, scaffolding, etc. Drop forged clips are galvanized, meaning they have a heavy coating of a zinc solution that will hold up to worksite abuse and the elements for a long time. Drop forged steel are excellent for use as guy wire clamps for heavy duty guying applications because they are both strong and resistant to corrosion.
Tie rod ends are used in the steering linkage, steering knuckle pivot supports, and various hinge mechanisms. They connect the center link to the steering knuckle on cars with ordinary suspension systems and recirculating ball steering gears.Together with the ball joints, tie rod ends make sure the car steers left and right at the same time it is hitting bumps and potholes that might cause the wheel to travel up and down. 

The sleeve connects the inner and outer tie rod ends together and allows for adjustment when the front wheels are aligned.The outer tie rod ends are connected to the steering knuckle that actually turns the front wheels.The steering knuckle has an upper and lower ball joint that it pivots on and creates the geometry of the steering axis. It consists of an inner and outer end. The inner tie rod ends are attached to either end of the center link and are served as pivot points for the steering gear.
A rocker arm is one of the automotive parts in the internal combustion engine. As the arm is worked on by a camshaft lobe, it pushes open either an intake or exhaust valve. This allows fuel and air to be drawn into the combustion chamber during the intake stroke or exhaust gases to be expelled during the exhaust stroke. Rocker arms have been invested for more than two hundred years and Its function has been change littlesince then. During the developing of rocker arms, both the operation efficiency and production material are keeping improved. Many modern rocker arms are made of drop forging process with material 42CrMo or other alternative materials.

In many internal combustion engines, rotational motion is induced in the crank shaft as the pistons cause it to rotate. This rotation is translated to the camshaft via a belt or chain. In turn, lobes on the camshaft are applied to push open the valves via rocker arms. This can be achieved either through direct contact between a camshaft lobe and rocker arm or indirectly though contact with a lifter driven pushrod. Overhead cam engines have lobes on the camshaft which contact each rocker arm directly, while overhead valve engines utilize lifters and pushrods. In overhead cam engines, the camshaft can be located in the head, while overhead valve engines have the camshaft in the block. Both varieties are seen in the US, but regulations have contributed to the decline of overhead valve applications elsewhere in the world.
A control arm is a bar that has a pivot at both ends. A car has several, including the upper control arm and the lower control arm, which are arranged to form the letter A.Control arms are part of the suspension system. They attach suspension members to the chassis and manage the motion of the wheels so that it synchronizes with that of the body of the car. They work with bushings, which are cylindrical linings that reduce friction and restrain the auto parts from going every which way.

As a result, you are able to go on joy rides without feeling sick and dizzy, as there is control and smoothness in the movement of the car. The two bottom points of the control arms that form the letter A are attached to the frame of the vehicle while the top point is attached to the spindle. Three or four control arms are placed between the rear axle housing and the frame if you have coil springs in both the front and rear suspensions.Like other body parts, the control arms should also be lubricated at every oil inspection. Handling and steering could become erratic if the control arms are malfunctioning and the unsteady movements of your car could take away your riding comfort.
Connecting rod used in automotive is a major link inside of a combustion engine.It connects the piston to the crankshaft and transfer power from the piston to the crankshaft,then send it to the transmission.After finishing the design of a connecting rod,we could choose different materials and production ways.In most cases,connecting rod will be made in steel or aluminum.And we could consider investment casting process,drop forging process or powdered metallurgy.But according to its fuction,most purchasers will prefer drop forging process(see the differences between drop forging and investment casting),and the do precision machining.

When connecting rod applied in vehicle engined, investment casting is available. This type of rod is made just by pouring the molten steel into a mold, and then do machining to achieve finished parts. It is reliable for lower horsepower-producing engines and is the cheapest way to manufacture. Casting connecting rod can be used in almost each type of engine, from gasoline to diesel. But due to the shortage of casting process, defects may be easily produced. By contrast, drop forging is better.
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