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Drop forging production equipments include all production equipments involved during the forging, heat treatment and surface treatment process. These production equipments include: forging press, air hammer, ring rolls, punching machine, heat treatment furnace, shot blasting equipments. Below are the detailed description for production equipments that be used during drop forging process in CFS Forge.
Comparing with casting, we could obtain more accurate tolerances with good properties, and no need to do machining sometimes. But usually, we could only control these metal blanks within ±0.5mm. For tighter tolerance, we will have to reach after machining. Here in CFS Forge, we could serve our customers maching service with a full range of machining equipments. Below is a brief introduction of our main machining equipments.
Testing equipments for drop forging parts are necessary to control the quality, and they will be more accurate to judge of the products are qualified. The main inspection instruments include: material testing instruments, mechanical properties testing instruments, dimension testing instruments, and NDT (Non Destructive Testing). Now we will introduce the main fuction and usage of each instrument.