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Drop Forging Testing Equipments

Testing equipments for drop forging parts are necessary to control the quality. Now we list some main inspection instruments in below:

1.Material Testing Instrument

Spectrograph--used to inspect chemical components of our drop forgings. Normally, when new batch material is purchased, we will first do inspection and record if the material is correct. And when we get the finished products, we will check again to see whether if there is any error.

2.Mechanical Properties Testing Instrument

*Rockwell hardness tester & Brinell hardness tester--used to test the hardness of drop forging parts. Rockwell hardness tester will help to get a value in HRC, while brinell hardness tester in HB.

*Tester strength instrument--used to test the tensile strength or ultimated strength of drop forgings. But it is not suitable for small parts.

*Impact instrument--under the fuction of impact instrument, we will obtain an impact value and judge if the value is in the limited range with normal tempeture and subzero tempeture(normally -20℃/-40℃).

3.Dimension Testing Iinstruments

In most cases, we normally use micropalliper, vernier calliper and insider dial indicator to test some regular dimensions. Besides, testing guage is also used to test the thread. For more accurate dimensions, we will use CMM (Three coordinate measuring instrument).

4.NDT (Non Destructive Testing) 

*MT (magnetic powder defect detector)
*UT (untrasonic testing detector
*X-ray testing instruments

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