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Ningbo Fly Drop Forge Co.,Ltd,established in year of 2001, is a leading professional closed die drop forgings manufacturer, located in Ningbo,China.Our company specialized in custom all kinds of steel forgings involved in mining machinery,construction machinery,automotive components,oil&gas industry,ect.We could serve forgings ranging from 0.05kg-100kg.Materials could be alloy steel,carbon steel,stainless steel,ect.

In our drop forging factory,there are total 250 staff working here,with 218 workers,6 enginners,8 QC man,10 sellers and 8 administrative staff.We have advanced production and testing equipments.Our production equipments consists of moulding equipments,forging equipments and machining equipments.Besides,we also have our own heat treatment workshop,including normalization,quenching,tempering&hardening,ect.Under the hard-working of all staff,we could reach an annual output 10000t of drop forgings.

All of our drop forgings are exported to overseas market,like America,UK,Canada,Australia,ect.Our advanced process,complete production&testing equipments and experienced technical team,all helps Fly supplying qualified drop forging products and good service.Currently,we are issued with TS16949,API & ISO9001:2008 certifications,lots of customers are turning to our company to produce drop forgings like auto parts,oilfield pipe fittings,foundation drill bits,ect.

Today,Fly company continues to enlarge our company's scale to creat a world-class drop forging supplier.We are now also developing robots as the work force to save labour costs and improve production efficiency.

forged steel valve componentAccording to above information, we can see both forging and casting methods have its own advantages. In comparison to castings, the structure of forgings ensures wall thickness and dimensional tolerances are uniform. High impact closed die press forces and a segregation free billet guarantees superior strength, uniformity, integrity and density. Casting issues include inter granular corrosion, stress weakness, fatigue, cracks, porosity, sand pockets, weld repairs, scars, etc. 

Another benefit of forgings is the directional flow lines structure. Due to quality concerns brought about by low cost country valve manufacturing we now often see customers first specify a forging rather than a casting, then specify it must be a European forging and an approved brand, yet they then still ask for 100% MPI and UT on common A105 valves increasing the cost exponentially. Using good quality forging can reduce the need for NDT. Of course UT and MPI is a good idea to provide reassurance of the quality, especially for castings in larger sizes and higher classes.
The past few years have seen a shift towards the use of forged steel,in particular for valves used in critical and severe service applications,such as oil industry,chemical industry,power industry,energe industry,ect.All forging processes start with a solid piece of metal or ingot that is forged into shape with hammers or presses. 

Issued with API certification,Fly Forge is reputed manufacturers and exporters of forged steel blanks for high pressure valves products(gate valve,globe valve,check valve,ball valve,ect) in Ningbo,China.We are manufacturing forged steel valve components from high grade raw materials,such as A105,SS304,SS316,ect. We are manufacturing high quality forged steel valve components in different size,shapes,design and also manufacturing as per customer's design.And all valves are well tested using latest valves technologies.We exporters over forged steel valves products to countries all over the world.
As a global supplier for forged steel components,our customers have long benefited from the high performance value of forged rubber track metal cores.We are alway striving for excellece in delivering innovation,value and quality.Below is the a complete manufacturing process showing how our forged rubber track metal core is made:

Step 1-Like other drop forged products,rubber track metal core is also produced by closed die forging process.So developping forging dies is the first step for manufacturing.Normally afte designing the forging dies according to the dimensions of products,it will be precision machined by CNC,which consists of upper and lower dies.
Rubber track is a conveying system widely used in construction machinery equipments(such as excavator,CTL/MTL and drill machine) and agricultural machinery(combine harvester,small dumper/carrier,tractor).The Metal core attaches itself to the sprocket and prevents the rubber track from slipping off the wheel.And the metal core is firmly bonded to the rubber by a special adhesive treatment.Below is a picture showing the usage of metal cores for your better understanding:

Due to the advantages of drop forging,such rubber track metal core will be drop forged to achieve high strength,and then heat treated to meet enough hardness,which will reduce vibration when rubber track works.Main material used for forged rubber track metal core is 1045 seel and 40Cr,we can also make metal cores in other material specification according to our customers' requirements.
Combine harvester is one of the main agricultural machinery equipments that used for harvesting grain crops,such as oats,rye,wheat,ect.Knife guard/finger is designed for increasing cutting capacity and harvesting speed.Our combine harvester knife finger/ guard are assembled to John Deere, New Holland, Claas, Ford and so on. 

For its special working condition,wear resistance is the most important factor of forged harvester knife guards.So materials with good wear-reisistance like ASTM 1045 steel or AISI4140 are applied for such products.In addition,we could also improve the wear-resistance of combine harvester kinfe guard/finger by add the hardness after heat treatment.Normally hardness of such products wil be controlled between 50-60HRC.But it does mean the higher the hardness,the better working performance the knife guard/finger will be.Too high hardness will cause products in fragile and easy broken status when woking.
In the past 15 years,due to our continuous hard working and improvement of our drop forging process,we are now supplying our customers custom forgings in below two forging methods:

1)Closed die forging:Closed die forging is the most conventional custom forging process for metal parts.It is more suitable for parts with simple shape,less budget,wide tolerance requirement.
2)Precision forging:Precision forging is an improved forging solution for small parts after closed die forging process.Compared with traditional forging process,precision forging can forge parts with more complex shapes,also it is flashless,which can save materials.But in total,the cost of precision forging is higher for its high tooling cost and operation cost.
Precision forging is worked in a close to final shape or close-tolerance forging way.It is a refinement forging techniques compare to traditional closed die forging technology.When you need a product with near net shape or net shape,precision forging is the right choice to source,such forging technic will refine the product to little or no machining.

As the precision forging manufacturer and supplier in China,we offer OEM service and exporting service for customers from USA,UK,Australia,Canada,ect.Such precision forgings are mainly involved in automotive components,agricultural machinery parts,railway components,mining machinery parts.In addition to forging,we can also provide other services like machining,heat treatment,surface treatment,custom package,ect.
forged bucket teethForged bucket teeth is the manufacturing process that putting pressure on the heated steel billet between the forging dies in high temperature,so that the material will full fill the forging dies,thus to achieve desired shape.In the forging process,the billet will be plastic deformed to obtain certain mechanical properties.Bucket teeth after forging processing can improve its organizational structure and guarantee a good mechanical performance,more wear-resisting, long service life.However,cast bucket teeth are made in the condition of high temperature molten metal and then injected in the casting molds,final cast bucket teeth are thus formed after cooling. By comparison,cast bucket teeth is more easy to products defects like air holes.And both the mechanical properties and wear resistant will be worse than that of forged bucket teeth,thus to affect the serving life of products.So we always suggest forging process for excavator bucket teeth.

Currently,as the top manufacturer and exporter of forged bucket teeth in China,we are now exporting such forged replacements for both large brand excavator manufacturers and bucket teeth distributors all over the world.To improve the properties of forged bucket teeth,we always suggest our customer to select good wear resistance forging material like 42CrMo.And heat treatment will also help to improve the hardness of products.
how steel forging compare to steel casting
Today steel forging and steel casting have been the two main production processes for steel parts.Compare to steel casting,there are a lot of advantages to use steel forging as the metal forming process.

When pressing the heated steel billet between forging dies,steel will fill the die cavity and the redundant steel will be around the shape of product,which is called flash.So the waste of whole forging process is the flash.That is why steel forging is a net or near net shape process compare to steel casting.Also,although the cost of forging dies are higher than that of casting molds,but the unit cost of steel forging is much lower than steel casting.So in terms of cost,when the quantity is large,steel forging is more cost-effective.
custom steel forgingForging is a different metal forming process compared to casting(refer to differences between forging and casting).Forging is the manufacturing process  that heated billet is pressed under great pressure to achieve desired shape.After forging,the grain structure will be refined and the mechanical properties(strength,ductility and toughness) will be improved.So that is why hot forging process is always used for custom metal parts.

In this process,forged steel is the most applicated material for its special properties.Such products are all made from our clients' drawing or sample,so we call this custom steel forging.Due to different material grades and product structures,prices of custom steel forging will be different.
When you finish the design for a metal part,you can choose both casting and forging for it(see differences between forging and casting).But if you would like to customize it in a large quantity,low cost,close tolerance,high strength and short lead time,closed die forging technology is the best choice for you.

Closed die forging can be made in different metals,such as forged steel,aluminum,brass,ect.The select of material will mainy depond on the application of its industry.At Fly Forge,we can take any design and metal into production with our advanced closed die forging process.And forged steel is the most common used material by our customer for its special characristics.

Forging dies manufacturing is the first step to start a forging part.We all know that forging can be generally classified into two types,open die forging and closed die forging.Open die forging is operated between flat dies or dies in a simple shape.This process is mainly used for large parts.In closed die forging,metal billet is deformed in upper and lower dies for desired shape and dimensions.Deformation occurs in the closed cavity under high pressures,which will achieve precision forgings with tight tolerances.So this process is widely used for the manufacture of simple as well as complex high strength precision parts,especially when safety factor is considered.As a closed die drop forging manufacturer,we would like to introduce the forging dies manufacturing for closed die forging parts in detail.

Before manufacturing of forging dies,we can not start the production process directly.Firstly,engineer need to know how to design the forging dies following the drawing of a new forging part.Design of forgings dies depends on the processing steps,nature of workpiece material,flow stress,working temperature,ect.All these factors need to be considered.Generally speaking,we need to calculate the volume of billet accurately to aviod under filling or excess filling.And selection of parting line(referring the lind where two dies meet) is also important.Sometimes for a forging part,there are several options to choose a parting line.And the best one is that the parting line can ensure the flow of material will be uniformly divided.In other words,forging is not feasible if there is no way to decide parting line,in this case,casting can be considered.
differences between forging and casting
Forging is processing way that putting pressure on metal blank by forging machinery,making it produce plastic deformation,in order to obtain certain mechanical properties,a certain shape and size of forgings.Forging can eliminate the as-cast osteoporosis of the metal, welded holes,and generally mechanical properties of forging is better than that of the same material of the casting.So for those important components that require to undertake high mechanical load, or working in serious conditions, in addition to simple shape rolling plate,or welding parts are available,all will consider forging process.

Casting is a metal forming process that melting the metal into certain requirements of the liquid and then pouring it into the mold,after cooling solidification,we can get desired shape and sizes.Production cost of blanks produced by casting is low.For complex shape,especially the parts with complex inner cavity,casting can show its economical efficiency more;At the same time, it has a wide adaptability,and has better comprehensive mechanical properties.But materials that needed in casting production and equipments (such as metallurgical furnace,sand mixing machine,moldingmachine,core making machine,shakeout machine,shot blasting machine,etc.) will produce dust,harmful gas and noise.Thus it will do harm to environmental.
Casting is the oldest metal processing process that first melting metals into liquid  status,then pouring metal liquid in injection moulds,and cooling a while to obtain the required shape or dimensions.When products are not suitable for forging,casting is the economic method for blank shape.Especially for complex shape parts,casting can show its efficiency more.

Size and weight range of casting parts is very wide,almost unlimited metal species;Parts that have general mechanical properties,but also has comprehensive performance like wear-resisting,corrosion resistance,shock absorption,which is better than other metal forming methods,such as forging,rolling,welding,punching,etc.So metal blanks produced by the method of casting process are still the most on the quantity and tonnage so far.
Forging is a metal processing process that using forging pressure machines to put pressure on metal blank,which will produce plastic deformation in order to obtain certain mechanical properties,a certain shape and dimensions.Forging can eliminate the as-cast loose defects that produced on metal smelting process,optimizing the microstructure,and meanwhile can preserve intact metal flow.So mechanical properties of forgings generally are better than that of the same material castings.

As one of the main metal processing process,applications of forgings are so wide.Such forgings are mostly used by people when safety factor is considered and good mechanical properties are needed.So forgings can be used in mining machinery(mining drill bits),agricultural machinery(agricultural wear parts),forestry machinery(mulcher hammer/teeth),automotive industry,trailer parts,ect.Click our photo gallery page can help you to learn more about forging applications.
forged steel lunette ringLunette ring is the ideal product for heavy duty application,no matter in agricultural or construction machinery.To obtain good working performance,such lunette ring is always required by our clients with forged steel.Forged steel lunette ring will perfectly couple with a pintle hitch.This type product is designed for a channel mount assembling.

Take the lunette ring in the photo for example,this forged steel lunette right can bear a weight capacity of 24,000 pounds.The ring will be assembled into an channel bracket with 4 holes design.And the adjustable channel bracket allows users to change the height of forged steel lunette ring that deponds on the actual needs.Besides,lunette ring will be screwed to channel bracket by mounting hardware,which will be very strong and durable.And then,the channel bracket will be welded to the trailer for towing.So,to be more conveninent,we can also custom the channel mount and hardware together,and assemling service can be also provided in our factory.
In our factory,tub grinder tips/teeth is made by drop forging process.Drop forging techinics can forge out tub grinder teeth in high accuracy,high quality and high strength.

Tub grinder teeth/tips,are the wear parts that designed for tub grinders.Most common required material for the grinder teeth in our company is Chinese material 42CrMo.Such wear-resistant material will help to longer the working life of teeth when it works.And we can also do heat treatment after forging to improve the mechanical properties of products,which will be stronger,more durable.Compared with casted grinder teeth,quality of forged grinder teeth will much better,you will no need to worry about inner defects and bad surface.What's more,the price is also more competitive.
flail moverFlail mover is the cutting device used in garden,agricultural or forestry application,which is designed when lots of cutting power and a rougher cut is needed.Most applicated flial mover work on places with taller vegetation like meadows, road banks, yard areas,and so on.

Flail mowers may also be used in a more or less upright position for trimming the sides of hedges. They are often called hedge cutters (or sometimes also hedge trimmers) then. Especially in forestry (agroforestry) some very robust variants of flail mowers – called flail mulchers, flail shredders, or flail choppers – are used.
forged flail mover clevisClevis is also one of the most important part for the assembling of flail movers,which acts as the connection job between the flail mover blades and rotating horozontal drum.Such flail clevis in our factory is made by closed die forging process.

As a professional forging factory,like forged flail hammer,we can custom such flail mover clevis according to clients' drawings or samples,no matter what kind of shape and material specifications,we can all meet your demands.So,if you are in the flail mover industry,and have the purchasing plan for flail clevis,pls do not hesitate to contact us.
Flail hammer blades or Knives blades for flail movers"I would like to buy an Orsi 209 flail mover delivered with Y knives blades,but I preferred flail hammer blades. I'm just puzzlled which one is more suitable. I want to promote good pasture health in the paddocka,but also a nice finish on my lawn areas around the house.The flail mover will also be used for clearing of regrowth where there is a strong possibility of hitting tree stumps and branches, and small and large rocks. It will be much appreciated if any experience or opinions are provided."

When you design o buy a new flail mower, you will have a choice of the Y Knife Blades or Hammer Blades. The Y-Blades are great when cutting tall weeds and overgrowth and can also offer a nice cut to your lawn. However,if you are need to cut tree saplings and dense overgrowth,the flail hammer blades are used,which are wider, heavier blades than the Y-blades. No matter Flail hammer blades or Y knife blades,either set of blades will make a perfect solution for cutting.
In forging industry,there are some professional terms which are defined to describe the forging process or operations.Below we picked out some common terms when used in closed die forging process.

1)Forging die:It may be referred to a complete tool consists of a pair of mating members for producing work by hammer or press.A pair of forging dies consists of upper and lower die halves with cavities. 
2)Billet:A slug cut from rod ready to be heated and forged. 
3)Blocker:Preform die or impression,used when part cannot be made in a single operation. 

Fly company is specialized in supplying forged flail hammers in different sizes.In Eourpean&American market,most popular materials used in forged flail hammers are 42CrMo and 65Mn.By comparision,the price of 65Mn of forged hammers may be more competitive than that of 42CrMo.But as 65Mn belongs to spring steel,it will be very hard to forge flail hammers to final shape.Besides,to meet good durability,heat treatment(normally Quenching&Tempering) will be done to meet hardness 48-52HRC).And surface treatment of such products can be colour painting(yellow/black) or zinc plating,it mainly deponds on the demand of application.
When purchasers need a metal forming process for their precision design or products,they may have lots of considerations,such as quality,economy,ect.With the development of modern industry,there are all kinds of metalworking processes for choosing,such as casting,forging,powder metallurgy,stamping,machining,ect.Each metalworking process offers a unique set of costs,advantages and capabilities.When safty and strength factors are required,closed die forging process will be your best choice.In fact,closed die forging is often the optimum process,in terms of both part quality and cost-efficiency-especially for applications that require maximum part strength,special sizes or critical performance specifications.

In fact,in terms of forging,there are also several kinds of forging processes available,such as open die forging,closed die forging,cold forging,and extrusion.However,here we will discuss the methods,application and bennefits of closed die forging process.We suggest you to consider this process when selecting the optimum process for your metal parts production.
Closed die forging is commonly used in nowadays for many improtant metal components.On one hand,is that it can product metal products with good properties.On the other hand,the price of closed die forging is also competitive than casting.In other words,closed die forging also has economic advantages.


Before forging,we will first need to cut the equal billet according to the size of products.Normally,the waste of material after forging is the flash.So comparing with casting or machining,closed die forging requires less material,thus material cost will be saved.Take a round ring for example,we can make it by forging or machining.If machining,the all corner and the center material will be wasted.But with forging,we can forged to the sizes with minimum waste.
Linear dimension
Linear dimension,or size,it is to point to the distance between two points,such as diameter,radius,depth,width and height,center distance,etc.To express the dimensions of drop forgings exactly,lots of linear dimensions will be show in a drawing.After finish production of products,we will test all these linear dimensions by vernier caliper or digital caliper,to check if these dimensions are within the required tolerances.For outer diameter,it will be more accurate to use outside micrometers.

Angular dimensions 
Angular dimensions are usually shown the size of Angle,like 30,such angular is tested by universal bevel protractor.
To remove the stress and improve mechanical properties of drop forging,heat treatment will be done after forging.Such heat treatment can be normalization,tempering,quenching,temperting&hardening,ect.To test the heat treatment result,we may test the tensile strength,yield stength,enlongation,hardness,among these mechanical properties,hardness test is usually used for drop forging.Today,we will introduce common hardness testing methods for closed die drop forging.

Both briness hardness and rockwell hardness are all the testing standard for drop forging hardness.Although the testing methods of them are not the same.But either of them can be adapted to see the hardness result of drop forging products.To ensure correct testing result,for one drop forging product,we should testing the hardness in different sections and check if heat treatment of drop forging is done in a good way.
Although the cost of drop forging dies may be relatively high,for piece price,it is very cost-effective.With drop forging process,the metal products can not only be in a low cost,but also win tough and durable characteristics.So that is why people say drop forging has low recurring cost and is the most beneficial production method for long runs.Of course,small quantities can be also offered,but more economocal with increased volume.Compared to cast or machined process,drop forging can produce metal products with a high strength-to-weight ratio.Also,it  has less chance of flaws and low injection rate.

So,when you are interested in sourcing for drop forging supplier.Fly Forge can be your one stop shop.Our quick turnaround times and impressed services are the best in drop forging industry.
Steel forging is a metal forming process of shaping metals using the compressive force.The steel forging process is a bifurcated depending on the temperature at which it is preformed.Steel forging helps in shaping of the molten metal onto desired shape and size.It is one of the essiontial techniques in industry that are majorly reliant on machineries.Steel forging has gone simpler with the time.Main classifications of steel forging are carbon steel forging,alloy steel forging,stainless steel forging.

The traditional ways of steel forging lacks in various aspects.From being low on durability to prone to corrosion,there are numerous drawbacks.Metal enforced with steel can go a long way in terms of durability and evading corrsion.Closed die forgings for precison components are high on tensile strength.The imposed metals are used in the forging process of disc and sleeves that make cost conscious and quality product.
age hardening for steel forging
Age hardening,also called precipitation hardening,is a type of heat treatment commonly used for steel forging.Its name comes from the point in the hardening process in which the 
steel forging is aged,can be heated for an extended of time or keep it stored at a lower temperature for an extended period before use to form precipitates.This treatment is used on malleable alloys,such as steel for closed die forging.

Age hardening process will prevent the plastic deformation of steel forging parts.Thus,to increase the strength and other properties of products,but plastic deformation and toughness is low.Alloys created by the age hardening process have many uses,especially in applications where high strength and good performance at high temperatures are needed.If you need to make your parts in steel forged with age hardening treatment,also pls contact us. 
One of the most popular forms of forged metal is steel forged.Forged steel is an often used metal for forging because it is a very sturdy steel that can withstand the high heat that is required by the forging machine to make the metal malleable enough to shape.The metal is warmed to a high degree of heat because when you drop forge metals the metal is placed in the machine and a hammer press slams down onto the metal,forcing it against the die.The heated malleability of the metal combined with the force of the hammer shoving the metal against the die usually makes shaping forged steel relatively easy.Because of this ease of shaping the sheets of metal can be processed into their required shapes pretty quickly.

Thus,we can see steel forged products will no matter give you a price advantage,but also the properties are also quite reliable.As a steel forged manufacturer in China,we can make all kinds of different steel forgings as you need.Just contact us right now for your steel forged parts,we will advise in a most cost-effective way for your products.
Now there are 7 production lines of closed die drop forging in our factory with forging presses ranging from 300t to 2500t.All these forging presses can be used to forge products in different dimensions.From the point of most people's view,the tooling cost of drop forging is higher than casting tooling.It is without doubt that forging cost more due to its nature and advantages.But in spite of this,you get what you pay,it is rewarding.Our production capabilities are not limited to drop forging,but also machining is also one of our advantages.To serve our customers better,we are also equiped with some machining equipments from drilling machine to CNC,so that machining can be done in our company.

Besides,our in-house heat treatment will also help us to offer you our competitive prices.So comparing with other forging factories and trading compaines,we are always your top and wide choice for drop forging products.Any interest in such process,just pls contact us!
As a professional closed die forging company in China,we are equipped with seven closed die forging production lines for the requirements of different shape products,that is why we can customize closed die forgings for all the industry applications.

In our forging workshop,forging equipment for each production line is different,currently,we have forging presses in 300t,400t,600t,1000t,1250t,1600t,2500t.Forging presses with larger tons are used for closed die forgings in large shapes&dimensions.Also production steps may be varied from the shapes of products.For shaft type products,steps of closed die forging process are just five,that is cutting billets,heating by medium frequency furnace,drop forged by forging press,trimming by punching machine,last step is shot blasting.Thus,we will see a forged shaft product is finished,such shaft type product is the most simple way to make.
torsion armTorsion axles are made for a variety of towable applications including RVs,utility trailers,horse and livestock trailers and dump and heavy equipment trailers,argicultural equipments,ect.Our axle assemblies are traceable down to the exact production run and original component lot number.One of the main torsion alex is the torsion arm.To ensure enough strength and good quailty,such torsion arm is designed in closed die forging process.The forging process adds strength to the torsion arms allowing it to twist back and forth over the lifecycle of the vehicle.

Forged torsion arm will make torsion alex more stable and work longer.Material of torsion arm is steel,Fly Drop Forge manufactures torsion arms in a variety of shapes and sizes for several different applications.Fly's torsion arm forgings are made with minimal parting lines and can be eliminated completely.Pls send us your torsion arm drawing and we will be happy to send a quote for you.
railway forgingRailway industry is also a main market for us to export closed die forging parts.We can manufacture forged safety critical components or assemblies for railway coupling,braking and suspension systems,and have the production capability to provide closed die forging and machining parts to meet all kinds of demands of railway parts.

Fly Drop Forge is always keeping up with the highest quality standards.So there are a lot of advantages of making railway forging parts in our company as below:
  • Integrated management system
  • Moulding/forging/machining/heat treatment/welding are all available
  • ISO certification
  • Wide range of forged railway parts 
  • Conveninent delivery near Ningbo Port
closed die forging optionClosed die forging is a form of impression die forging that uses two or more dies.It does not depend on flash formation to completely fill the die.Material is formed in a cavity that allows little or no escape of excess material, thus placing greater demands on die design. More elaborate die designs provide for more complex shapes than the open-die forging process. A variety of metals and alloys cans be forged using closed die forging process.

Closed Die Forging is largely focused on extremely high quality applications.Closed die forged materials are required where strength,reliability and resistance to fatigue are top most considerations.As such,forged materials are found throughout the automotive,aerospace and defense industries. 
In our company,many closed die forgings are used for automotive industry.Closed die forging will make automotive parts in a more stable working station.Fly Drop Forge provided forging solutions for automotive components.Our aim is to offer automotive companies high quality products.

As a TS16949 certified forging manufacturer,we can custom all the automotive forgings according to your specifications.Our services for both die/mould,forging and machining solutions will bring your better use or sell.Contact and send us your PFQ right now,we will reply you in the first time.
Before placing an order,you will first get several quotations from potential closed die forging suppliers,some are manufacturers and some are trading companies.Importing closed die forging from China has been a popular trend for clients for its price advantage.And it has been too easy for purchasing manager with the sign-off to pick the "cheapest" 
quote without understanding what quality and partnership he is getting.

What we would like to remind you is that it will be a big mistake if just choose your closed die forging supplier who provides you the cheapest quotation.Just as a Chinese going says:"You get what you pay for".For distance factor,foreign customers can only find closed die forging suppliers from search engine.It is not actual for them to visit the potential suppliers right away for high travel expense.So quotation is the most direct factor they can consider a supplier.As a closed die forging company,we suggest more consideration factors,for example,if the supplier is manufacturer or not,what the capabilities are,lead time,ect.All these factors will help you to choose a most suitable supplier in a comprehensive way.Well because that's what we have here and if we quote a customer for closed die forging,we must make it work and work to the best of it's ability for it to be a profitable and sustainable project.
Although closed die forging can produce the strongest steel parts and other advantages,there are only few closed die forging factories in China for its less application than casting.So lacking a good supplier for closed die forging parts has become a common problem for foreign clients.Today a customer from Australia contacted and told us that he is a forging distributor and as now they are getting more and more enquiries for these small closed die forging(mould forging) parts,but they do not have a good supplier.So they are in urgent to find such a supplier.

Were you able to find a good source for closed die forging parts? You may find out there are very few Chinese manufacturers that could satisfy your companies' needs. We are a Chinese company with our own forging factory in Ningbo China.We build very precise and high quality closed die forging parts exclusively for companies from US, Canada, UK, Germany,Italy etc.As a China Closed Die Forging Maker,We have very good equipment including forging equipments from 300t-1600t,machining workshop for forging dies and forging machining.Our forging engineers are good at English and forging technologies,so our company is easy to communicate with. Feel free to let us know if you are finding a closed die forging supplier in China.
Closed die forging is a metal forging tecnology for precision parts.Such process is usually considered especially for safty factor because of its good performance and strength.So closed die forging is quite popular in producing automotive and non-automotive sectors.And we can see a lots of closed die forging factories in different scales all over the world,some are for steel forgings,some for aluminum forgings,and others are for copper forgings.There is no doubt that advantages of closed die forging over investment casting are obvious,so many people may put forward a question:"Are closed die forgings expensive?"
In the past forging production,our 1600t forging press is limited to closed die forgings no more than 30kg.To meet our customers' demands for larger products,we imported 2500t automatic hot forging press for closed die forging production.Below are the photos of 2500t automatic hot forging press:
Closed die forging requires two or more dies for production,which are also referred to as tooling.These dies first must be manufactured with CNC machine to reach high accuracy. The billet will be heated up to proper temperature for well deformation and is then pressed or hammered between these dies.

The restriction of the metal flow inside the dies allows the production of parts that are more complex in shape than a part being produced by the open die process. Additionally, closed die forging process allows for closer tolerances than those produced in open die(see the difference between open die forigng and closed die forging).Relatively simple shapes can also be processed this way,but the decision is usually driven by economics and meeting some of the conditions listed below.
Our company customizes different kinds of closed die forging products,for instance,drive and axle components for the commercial automotive industry,drilling attachment for mining technology,forged fittings for oil and gas industry,as well as other complex geometrical structures for construction&agricultural machinery,offshore industry,aeroplane industry,ect.

Wide range closed die forgings with superior quality and reasonable price from our company bring us an excellent reputation all over the world,so we are now growing fastly and exporting products at an increased capacity.The use of high-grade steels means that our products offer a particularly long working life.
closed die forging dies
Closed die forging dies,normally consists of forging dies,trimming dies and sometimes flat dies.Like dies for the punch-press,are of several different types.Perhaps the most simple form of closed die forging die would be a pair of dies for producing a simple round forging,as,for instance,a gear blank.These dies would require a central impression turned in each of the dies of the pair.Before using the dies,a square plate of steel is worked under the hammer,drawing out a short shank at the side,and "knocking down" the corners.This roughly shaped block of steel is held by the shank and placed between the dies and thus brought to shape.

The most common form of closed die forging die,however,is the one in which there is a central impression to shape the forging,and a side impression,called the "edger," "break-down" or "side-cut,"that helps to properly distribute the hot steel(refer to select die material of closed die forging).To make clear the use of these two sets of impressions,a closed die forging die of this description may be likened to a drawing of the finished forging,in which the outline of the central impression would resemble the plan view of the forging,and the two halves of the edger would correspond to the side elevation of the forging.Of course this illustration is not literally correct,but it expresses the general idea.The edger is always on the right-hand side of the die,and the steel bar is struck first in the break-down,edgewise,and then turned and struck flat in the impression,alternating in this manner until the forging is "full." 

According to the advantages of closed die forging,it has become one of the main metal forming processes in modern manufacturing.For its wide range of material specifications and 
shapes,closed die forging can be useful for lots of metal components,such as componets for aeroplane,cars and heavy trucks,shipbuilding,ect.

With the characteristics of closed die forging,we can make precision components with different wall thickness,complex shapes,narrow tolerance.And we are all equiped with full range of machining equipments,so machining is also feasible in our company.Maybe sometimes you could also consider casting process instead,but by comparison,there  are both price advantages and quality advantages over casting,we will no need to worry about production defect.
automotive parts made by closed die forging
1. Background

Metals and alloys are able to be formed into desired shapes by plastic deformation.In deformation process,they also produce a wide range of properties particularly strength and toughness.The working of the metals into shapes by means of closed die forging methods refines grain structure,develops inherent strength giving characteristics,improves physical properties and produces structural uniformity free from hidden internal defects.What's more,the special feature of flow lines along the contour of the clsoed die forging produce marked directional properties.These features in closed die forgings give the automobile designers great confidence regarding the reliability of the vehicle.Learn more about advantages and disadvantages of closed die forging in detail...
Closed die forging is a metal forming process for small precision parts.We can take use of closed die forging process to desired shapes starting from steel billets.So closed die forging is widely used for all industries served for its unique advantages.Below are the advantages of disadvantages of closed die forging:

*After heating by medium frequency furnace,steel billets will be placed between upper and lower dies and forged in several times at high speed,so that the shape will be deformed quickly.Such press process will make internal grain flow and increase the tightness and strength of products.
*It is no scientific to say closed die forging is expensive for its high tooling cost.Tooling cost of closed die forging is actually higher than that of investment casting for its high die material cost and complex processing process.But for large production runs,we must say it is more cost-effective.
Closed die forging is applied for almost all the metal materials,but in actual production,only part of the materials are used for the different characteristics of each kind.Material is also one of the main factors that affect the cost of closed die forgings.Below is the common material that used in closed die forging:

Steel is most commonly used material that for closed die forging.Such steel normally refers to alloy steel,carbon steel and stainless steel.In comparison,the metal flow of stainless steel is worse than other steel,so it is difficult to forge stainless steel billets into complex shapes.Stainless steel material is often used for components that require corrosion resistance and rust resistancel.Alloy steel and carbon steel are the most widely used in closed die forging production for its competitive price and easy deformation.We could choose alloy&carbon steel for almost all the industries.As a professional Steel forgings manufacturer,we can produce closed die forgings ranging from 0.2kg-50kg.

With API certified,Fly Drop Forge is good at supplying drop forgings for oil&gas industry.We have been manufacturing various forged fittings  to oil&gas developing equipment manufacturers or component dealers for more than 10 years.Worked as the fuction of connection,they require prefect assembling and could bear high pressure.Such pressure will be tested by air or water.With our closed die forging process,we could creat drop forged fittings with near net shape or net shape,so that machining cost can be reduced or avoided.The biggest advantages of drop forgings for oil*gas application by closed die forging process is that grain flow can greatly improve the properties of products and no internal defects will appear,so that the whole working condition is safe.
near net shape forging
Near net shape manufacturing technologies produce components that are close to the finished size and shape,requiring a minimal amount of finishing process such as machining.
Closed die forging is such a near net shape forging process that requires less or no machining.It will be helpful for us to save machining cost.

Why closed die forging is near net shape forging?

*Compared to machining process,closed die forging is a precision forging process with flash,so the only waste of material is just the flash section.We could also use machining to replace closed die forging process sometimes,but as the desired shape by total machining has be reached by machining equipments,so much of material will be wasted.

Closed die forging is also named as impression die forging.In impression-die work metal is placed between upper and lower dies that attached to the anvil.Usually the hammer die is shaped as well.The hammer is then dropped on the workpiece so that the metal flows and fills the die cavities.The hammer is generally working on the workpiece at the speed of milliseconds.Depending on the size and complexity of the part the hammer may be dropped several times in quick succession.Excess metal is squeezed out of the die cavities,we call this flash.The flash cools more rapidly than the rest of the material;this cool metal is stronger than the metal in the die so it helps prevent more flash from forming.This also forces the metal to completely fill the die cavity.After forging,the flash is removed by punching machine(Of course,trimming die will also first made together with forging dies).
The techniques of closed die forging are capable of achieving some of the strongest metal products when compared to other manufacturing processes.During the process of closed die forging,forging operations used can seal any cracks or empty spaces of the billet,therefore creating very strong metal parts.The typical method that can achieve this is known as closed die drop forging,which is when a plate of metal is placed between two dies,and then compressed under extreme pressure within the closed cavities to form the shape between the molds.The cavities restrict the flow of the metal inside the die (mold),and the metal will flow to fill the space within the cavity,resulting in the shape and dimensions of the mold design.Depending on the type of metal used,this process can be done while the metal is hot forging.

The Closed Die Forging process forces the material to flow and fill the space in the mold also changes the grain structure of the metal while making the product very strong.The flow is controlled in the direction what will achieve the strongest results and best grain structure.The high pressures of the process condenses the individual grains of the metal,resulting in higher density of the material and stronger properties.
It is a custom process for manufacturing drop forgings,so there exsits difficulty to develop a new product.We all know that there are different requirements for different products,some just require drop forging only,some require machining to reach tighter tolerances and some require heat treatment......So it is really unknown that if the potential suppliers we choose are suitable.If buyers would like to custom cheap drop forgings from China with good quality,it is really necessary for them to arrange a visit before ordering.

So when visiting,what should purchasers pay attention to?

*What is the scale of the company?
The scales of a forging company will decide its capability.A scaled drop forging company should have more than 80 staff.Like our company,there are about 150 staff,which is the largest drop forging company in Ningbo.It does not mean small scale drop forging company can not supply high quality products,at least its production ability is limited,and we can not say the lead time is ensured.
In recent years,more and more companies are used to manufacturing drop forgings from China.Then why do they like to do that?The most attractive point is that they can buy high quality production with low price.Normally,it is about 50%-60% cheaper to custom drop forging productions from Chinese drop forging companies than that of developed countries.Nowadays,for the improving of drop forging process,customers do not need to worry about quality problem.Take our company for example,to meet customers'demands of drop forging products in all applications,we are now equiped with ISO9001:2008,TS16949,API certifications.And we could not only supply drop forging blanks,but also machining can be provided also,so that we could custom finished drop forging products to our customers.
Together with investment casting,closed die forging is also one of the main metal forming processes for precision parts.Comparing with closed die forging companies in other countries(USA,UK,Canada),it will be much cheaper to custom closed die forgings in China for its low material cost,low larour cost,ect.So after China took part in WTO in new century,more and more people import closed die forgings from China on a regular basis.

Then how to import closed die forgings from China?
First of all,importers should have a basis understanding on Chinese closed die forging market.Ningbo is the main production base for closed die forging parts.We can see lots of closed die forging factories with different scales in Ningbo.Take our company as example,Fly Drop Forge is the largest closed die forging factory in Ningbo with 150 workers.Each year,we deliver about 10000t products to countries around the world.By virtue of its good geographical advantage(Ningbo seaport),we can arrange delivery in the shortest time.
Steering knuckle is one of the main parts of automotive steering bridge, to be able to make the car driving stable and sensitive relay driving direction.One Role is to pass on steering wheel turning Angle value to the car front wheel effectively,timely control the car moving route,thus to ensure the safety of the car;Another effect is to bear load of 
the front car,supporting and driving wheels turn around the king pin,in the condition of the car moving,undertake variable impact load.So steering knuckle requires not only reliable strength,and must ensure its high machining accuracy.Its geometry is complicated,so the machining sections are more,the machining precision of high and low will affect the vehicle running accuracy.Based on the forging analysis of two different forging process of steering knuckle,discussing the influence of parting ways,distribution of allowance on machining processing.

Steering knuckle is the safety component of a car.It may cause heavy traffic accidents if there is any quality problem.The geometry of automobile steering knuckle is complex,belongs to compound type of forgings,consists of the fork,plate,bar of three parts.So the forging technology need to aspire to forming characteristics of three kinds of forgings.Steering knuckle is regards as the most complex forging parts in forging industry.

Now there are some car steering knuckle also increased the steering arm and tie rod arm,whose structure is more complex,the current steering knuckle is widely used in the van and light vehicle,also have individual heavy vehicles use this structure of steering knuckle.As shown is a light vehicle steering knuckle,its structure is very special,and its forging is difficult.Steering knuckle forging in the part was made by use of 3t,5t,10t die forging hammer,13 tm double-action hammer and some other forging equipments,but the production efficiency is low and product quality is poor.In recent years,auto production every year increases by double-digit growth,and the demand of steering knuckle is increasing rapidly,the old mode of production has not suitable for the needs of the modernization and mass production.
hot die forgingHot die forging press is a special forging equipment of batch production and mass production of black and non-ferrous metals that are used for closed die forging.It is widely used in automotive industry,agricultural machinery,bearings,valves,engineering machinery,hardware tools,oil industry and the forging of the defense industry production.Can complete closed die forging forming of metal parts like blade,horns,gears,chain plate,valves,wrench,bulldozer,connecting rod,ect.

There are mainly three series of hot die forging presses,namely NSP,NMP and NKP.Of course,there are also some auxiliary forging equipments,such as roll forging machine,trimming machine,heating machine,ect.

Characteristics of hot die forging press 

Hot die forging presses have advantages of high efficiency,simple operation,convenient maintenance,and suitable for automation forging assembly line.High blow speed,mould thermal contact time is short,and forging dies service life is long.Using upper and lower design will make draft angle decreasing and forging material saving.High resistance to tilt rate, lead to high precision guide rail and high quality steel forgings.PLC control,multiple safety operating circuit system,can ensure the operator safety.Left and right sides of the body is equipped with the work window,so that forgings delivery is convenient.Special card die liberation device,make release of dies rapidly,and the operation is simple.Reliable centralized lubrication system and manually add lubrication system,can effectively reduce the friction loss.Equipped with advanced international tonnage meter,can visual display forging force,and set the overload alarm.
forged connecting rod
Over the past 50 years,auto parts manufacturing technology is in the continuous improvement.Today,what takes a leading role in the market is the low cost,high strength anf tight 
tolerance.In drop forging production process,the strict requirements for forgings are just as important as to the requirements of the finished product.Drop forging companies 
around the word constantly look for a better production method to achieve the objectives and requirements of the auto parts buyers.

Forged connecting rods are regarded as the quality standards of internal combustion engine to use for decades.Over the years,production methods of connecting rods are constantly changed,includingforging hammer forging,press forging,metal powder forging and casting.In the early years of auto industry development,forging hammer forging is considered to be one of the best forging method.However,in the middle of the twentieth century,due to the higher requirements for quality and tolerance,the forging method must be changed,so manufacturers began to use mechanical press to replace forging hammer.The most effective way to reduce the manufacturing cost is to improve the material utilization.Increasingly stringent requirements for weight and size tolerance promotes the use of powder forging method.Another advantage in addtion to tolerance is that we could forge connecting rod cover toegther with connecting rod,and can open the cover from connecting rod,thus manufacturing cost can be saved.In the late twentieth century, forging method developed into "open" forged steel connecting rods(Why use steel for drop forged connecting rods in automotive cylinder engine?),it is also one of the strengths of the powder forging.The strength of forged steel connecting rod is higher than powder metallurgy rod.Increase as the engine compression ratio,compared with the powder forging connecting rod(wrought vs powder forged connecting rods),high strength of forged steel connecting rod becomes more satisfactory,this forging method can meet the both strict requirements of weight and size tolerance.

There are different types of forging processes,today our discussing topic is drop forging design.Before drop forging production,the engineering design team will first finalise the 
geometry,dimension,tolerance and material requirement(normally used material is drop forged steel) for the desired component.This is based on future application of the products,including the intended performance of the part.The typical output is a machine drawing of the final required part;which include post drop forging processings such as machining,tolerance and surface finish requirements.The drop forging drawing of the considered component is shown in Fig.1.1. And a 3D model displaying different views is shown in Fig.1.2. 

The first step for a production engineer is to convert the machine drawing into drop forging part drawing.Understanding of the function of actual part in service should be considered as a prerequisite to efficiently deal with this conversion phase.This understanding also helps to improve the decision making ability for the subsequent design stages.The selected component is a part of the universal joint used in propeller shaft for heavy commercial vehicle application.The component is known as “Flanged Yoke” in automotive terminology. It is mostly subjected to torsional loadings;as the whole propeller shaft is designed to efficiently transmit the engine torque to the rear axle. 
Automotive parts take up a great proportion in closed die forging parts.Application of closed die forging parts,include most of the engineering sectors including automotive.Primary aims of automotive manufacturers is to produce reliable vehicles that can bear load carring at a high speed.At the same time,closed die forgings should be lighter as possible in manufacturing to support fuel economy.Advantages of closed die forging that given by auto manufacturers are below:
  • Correct designed closed die forging parts for automotive application,can undertake higher loads and greater stresses than same manufacturing in other methods
  • Because close tolerances achieved in basic closed die forging process,further machining processing can be reduced or avoided.Thus,productivity is improved with a overall cost reduction.
  • We can achieve weight saving due to less wastage of drop forged steel and  the inherent characteristic of higher strength to weight ratio.
  • Less machining time will improve lead time for overall manufacturing process.
  • Any outer deformation caused by compressive load will ensure good performance in internal structure.
  • As billtes are impressed by dies,inside grain flow will improve properties such as strength,ductility,impact resistance,fatigue resistance,ect.
Closed die forging is one of the drop forging processes(another is open die forging),which is mainly for precion small parts using forging technology to achieve better surface finish and performance.In fact,the original name of closed die drop forging is impression die forging,closed die forging is just compared to open die forging.We call this process impression die forging because billets are impressed on the dies to get deformed to create a new part.

In closed die drop forging,two halves of dies are pressed together at a high pressure to shape a metal bar into desired dimensions.This is also a closed process as the dies completely closed together in times to form a part.Most commonly,this form of die forging is used to create 3D metal shapes, such as solid metal parts and other metal pieces that have a solid design and 3D shape. The metals most commonly used with this form of die forging include steel,aluminum,and titanium.
drop forged steelDrop forging products are served for a large number of industries,such as automotive,agricultural,mining,forestry,oilfield,ect.Almong all the metal materials,most popular material is drop forged steel.It is widely used because it is a very strong and stable metal that can withstand high temperature heating by drop forging machines,thus can be shaped.Heating the drop forged steel to a high temperature by our medium frequency furnace because under room temperature,the steel is solid and we have no way to make the billet shaped.Only reach a certain temperature can we change the structure.The heated malleability of the metal combined with the force of the hammer shoving the metal against the die usually makes shaping drop forged steel relatively easy.Because of this ease of shaping the sheets of metal can be processed into their required shapes pretty quickly.
drop forging parts"Were looking for company to forge our PDR tool tips.Tools made from 4140 carbon steel.We need about 10" to 16" taper on one end,check our website out".This is a quote request for drop forging that was sent from one of our customers.From the requested information we know that the material is 4140,which is commonly used material in drop forging process.And the sizes of the drop forged tool tips are from 10" to 16",so we could judge that it is within our forging capacility,too large or too small is not available.

But to offer a quote completely,we still need to know if our customer could send us  the detailed 2d drawing or sample.Since we could do cost estimation of the product correctly,and especially need to note if there is any machining requirements,as machining cost will be added for any machining job,although we have machining capability.
For the advantages of drop forging,it is always used to make metal parts.Drop forging design is the first step for starting a new part,and such design will follow the application and assembling of products.And drop forging products will be compressed in a closed die upper and lower dies to get desired shapes,after that we will see trimming around the products,which will be cut in punching machine,then forging blanks will be born.So before put into production,designer should consider in a whole way for following aspects:

Parting line
The forging dies will decide the postion of parting line around the edges of drop forgings.So it is a important thing to determine the position of parting line.The choice of parting line will directly affect waste material,machining allowance.Designer should indicate the position of parting line in the forging drawing clearly.It is better that the parting line lies in one plane perpendicular to the axis of the die motion. It can be located such that one die half will be completely flat, and the line will surround the largest projected area of the piece. The angle of the surface at the parting line from the primary parting plane should not exceed 75°, in general, the shallower the angles,the better it will be. It is crucial for designer to select the parting line such that no undercuts are in either die impression,since the forging must be ejected out of the die after it is made.The parting line location can be changed to control the grain direction given the above recommendations are fulfilled.
Forging is defined as a metal working process that shape workpiece into desired dimensions by compressive forces applied through the use of dies and tools.Forging process is operated by hammering or pressing the metal.It is one of the oldest known metalworking processes with its origin about some thousands of years ago.At first,forging was complicated by a smith using hammer and anvil.Using hammer and anvil is a crude form of forging.The smithy or forge has been improved to become a facility with engineered processes,production equipment,tooling,raw materials and products to meet the demands of modern industry.

In nowadays,industrial forging is done either with presses or hammers powered by compressed air,electricity,hydraulics or steam.Some examples of products obtained by forging process are-crane hook,connecting rod of an IC engine,spanner,gear blanks,crown wheel,pinion etc.
In terms of materials,all the forgings are manufactured in steel,aluminum,cooper.From these materials,steel is most common used for its price advantage,easy purchasing and good performance.Following the large demands of steel forgings,more and more steel forgings plants are built,some concentrate on large steel forgings,while some prefer small steel forgings.Even if in China,we could see lots of steel forgings factories.So to compete with other competitors,it is quite important to be a good steel forging manufacturer.As we are professional drop forging company for small steel forging,so today the discussing target is precison steel forgings with closed die forging process.

1)Equipments:Production capabilities will directly decide the development of an enterprise.To produce steel forgings,there are several production lines consists of various forging equipments.It will require lots of money to invest for these equipments,so the investment for equipments is rather important as it will directly show the production capcbilities.Some small steel forging manufacturers choose to buy forging equipments from domestic market for lack of money.But it is not a wise choice in the long term as these equiments will have to be obsoleted after three years' working.However,some large steel forging manufacturers will prefer imported forging equipments from Japan,Korea,German,ect for their superior quality.Such imported forging equipments could be lasting for at least 10 years.
Differences between drop forging and press forging
Drop forging is when half of the die is dropped from a height onto the other half of the die,which will contain the hot metal workpiece to be formed. Drop forging is more suitable for mass production.Press forming is instead of dropping half the die onto the other half the two halves are put together and pushed together under a large pressure (up to about 10000 tons) forming the object.the difference is that drop forming leaves the centre of the metal not so hard as the outside,but press forming gives more uniform hardness for larger components.Of course,drop forging and press forging are defined in term of two kinds of forging methods.We could also differ forgings from its temperature,such forgings are named into cold forging,warm forging and hot forging.(See cold forging vs warm forging vs hot forging).
Forging formings of metals according to temperature can be divided into cold deformation (cold forging),warm deformation (warm forging) and thermal deformation (hot forging).The microstructure and mechanical properties influences on forgings of these different forging processes are also different.

1)Cold forging:refers to blanks processed below the recrystallization temperature.

Characteristics of cold forging:high dimensional accuracy,good surface roughness,good working conditions and high production efficiency.So cold forging can replace machining sometimes.Cold forging can make metal reinforcement,improve the strength of parts.So it is applicable to aluminium and plastic parts alloy, copper and alloys,low carbon steel,medium carbon steel,low alloy steel which the deformation resistance is small under room temperature.But when cold plasticity,metal deformation resistance is big,with poor plasticity,and contains accumulation of residual internal stress,needs to continue deformation after intermediate annealing.Nevertheless,the advantages of cold deformation technology makes it is more and more widely used.
forged connecting rodsConnecting rod is the key part of car engine parts, is also a typical and important complex closed die forging parts.Manufacturing fine degrees,inner and outer quality of connecting rods will directly affect the engine performance and level.Connecting rod causes high-frequency alternating stress inside in the high speed run up process of engine.It will have to bear shock pressure detonated by every stroke gas in cylinder and crankshaft torsional inertia force.When the hair motor's speed is 3000 ~ 5000 r/min, the loading frequency is very high.Because the connecting rod is working at high speed under the fatigue load,so,there is high requirement on the strength of the connecting rod.In addition,due to keep the crankshaft always operate at a high speed in an equilibrium state,so the weight of the connecting rod must also be controlled in a certain range.

Plastic forming and machining process of connecting rod are difficult,for the purpose of this forging production and machining process,which it is easy to appear the quality problem.The occurrence of these quality problems involve many factors. So for a long time,drop forging manufacturers are always continuously improving and discussing the material,forging process and mechanical processing manufacturing technology.Its purpose is to satisfy thetechnical performance and use requirements of products,and to be able to reduce costs,improve efficiency and increase economic benefits to the greatest extent at the same time.

Crank shaft is main rotating parts of engine, is installed on the connecting rod,can undertake the (reciprocating) up and down movement into circulation movement (rotation) of connecting rod. Is an 
important part on the engine, and its material is made of carbon steel or nodular cast iron, there are two important parts of crankshaft:main journal, connecting rod journal,(and other). Main journal is installed on the cylinder block, connecting rod connected with the big hole, neck connecting rod small hole is connected to the cylinder piston, is a typical slider-crank mechanism. Lubrication of the crankshaft is mainly refers to the lubrication of bearing between the rocker arms and the lubrication of two fixed point.The rotation of the crankshaft is the power source of the engine. Is also the driving force of the whole mechanical system.

Crankshaft fracture is the serious fault of the engine,and fracture usually occurred in the postions of connecting round corners between crank pin,main journal and the crank arm or other stress concentrated sections,like journal oil hole position.
drop forged conveyor chainConveyor chains are designed for chain conveyor system.There are different types of conveyor chains,inculding hollow bearing pin chain,solid bearing pin chain,deep link chain and drop forged chain.Today we are taking about conveyor chains made in our drop forging technology.Drop forged conveyor chains are also called en-mass conveyor chain or scraper chain,which is fitted with attachments welded onto chain links.Such drop forged conveyor chains are widely used food processing machinery,mining,agriculture,material handing industries,ect.So there are a  large demand for us to export them to overseas market.

Our drop forged conveyor chains are manufactured in our chinese factory from high grade alloy steel,such as 42CrMo.Of course,we could make custom forgings according to your special requirements on other materials and heat treatments for high strength and wear resistance.Our drop forged conveyor chains have standard type,double type and triple link type.
custom forgingsCustom forgings are the forgings made according to the drawings or sample from customers.Here the custom forgings we are talking about are using closed die forging method,not open die forging.Comparing with standard forgings,which have finished mold&dies developing,there is an extra cost for forging dies.In our company most drop forged products are all custom forgings excluding some standard high pressure pipe fittings.We are the manufacturer of custom forgings in China and could serve you custom forgings in high strength,close tolerance and low cost.Our forging buying guide will introduce buying procedure in detail.

Our capabilities for custom forgings
  • Weight range:normally we could customize closed die forgings ranging from 200g-30kg.Of course it is not definite,it is mainly decided according to the product structure,then we will see if our forging press could forge.
  • Machining capability:we have machining ablility as well.Our machining includes precision machining for forging dies,and rough machining for products after forging.
  • Industry served:all forgings applied in any industry can be customized.
  • Surface treatment:we could do any surface treatment as requested,most used surface treatment for custom forgings are painting,zinc plating,ect.
In our closed die drop forging products,there is a top demand for wears parts.So called "wear parts" refer to metal components assembled to these machines which work in rather serious woking condition,such as mining,forest,agriculture,and so on.And these wear parts will directly work in soft soil,sandy soil or rock environment.So most of them are designed in drop forging process with better mechanical properties,although the cost might be higher than made in casting.In addition,to meet maximum wear resistance,wear parts manufacturers will use tungsten carbide tiled to forged wear parts body,so that they will have a longer woking life and save cost.

Production process of tungsten tiled wear parts
*Dies making for forged wear parts-according to the structure of wear parts,engineer will decide if they are fitted for closed die drop forging and decide the split line,then machine the forging dies with our advanced cnc machines.Normally the tooling cost is higher than that of casting for its precision dimensions and die material,normally between 2000-3000usd.
closed die and open die forging
In modern society,forging industry is involved in various industries for construction machines,agricultural machinery,automotive,oilfield equipments,ect.Steel billets could be processed by various forging 
processes,among them the common used forging ways are closed die forging and open die forging.Although these two forging methods all belong to forging,it is not difficult to tell the difference between closed die forging and open die forging.The biggest difference of them is forging dies.Now let us have a deeper comparison on the differences between them.

Open die forging is also named free forging,means metal billets compressed under external compressive force and deformed to desired demensions or shapes in a free way without forging dies.Closed die forging,also referred to impression die forging,is a process that heated by medium frenquency induction heating furnace to high temperature and forged between upper and lower dies to get expected shapes like the drawing.
Although there are a variety of advantages of drop forging technology compared to other metal forming processes,there may still exsit some defects in hot forging process.Such drop forging defects can be split into two broad types:geometrical defects and non geometrical defects.

Geometrical defects of drop forging
*Laps and folds:Laps and folds are produced due to improper design of drop forging dies,making the laps created onto the final component which is rather undesirable as make irregular surface finish and also may weaken the product for internal or external cracks.
*Unfilled defects:There may exsit some sections of die cavity not completely filled by the flowing steel.This defects happen due to the improper design of drop forging dies or not using the right forging process.
There are different types of forgings,drop forging(closed die forging and open die forging),cold forging,samless rolled ring forging.So forging can generally divided into hot forging and cold forging.Cold forging is a forging process mufacturing in room temperature,however hot forging is a forging process in high temperature,so it is also referred to as drop forging.We can use hot forging to produce a wide range of parts in most metals.So we may be wondering why drop forging is hot forging,not cold forging?
hot forging
Forged steel is a forged process made in steel.Early forged steel types were developed in China and Persia.Traditionally forged steel is manufacturered by  a smith.Since 1800s,modern forged steel was started.To make forged steel,workers have to heat metals to high temperature so that it could be easily shaped into desired dimensions.Today forged steel is used in a number of industries.

Benefits of forged steel
  • Forged steel require an initial cost for the design and making of dies.But it has low recurring cost for each parts,so drop forging gradually become more economical with large volume.
  • During drop forging process,metals are shaped to follow the designed shape of part while its internal grain deforms.Then,the grain is continuous throughout the part and make forged steel parts with improved strength.Therefore,forged steel has higher strength to weight ratio compared to cast steel,at least 20% higher.
  • Forged steel is the right alternation of aluminuum for its low cost in many applications.And forged steel has three times as strongth as aluminium although it is much heavier.
For the advantages of drop forging,such as it can bear high power,this process is widely used for all industrial manufacturing.In all the metal forming process,we can say drop forging is the best solution for your steel parts.So today more and more buyers use drop forging as the production process,especially for those components in large production runs.Most drop forging manufacturers supply OEM service for their customers,so buyers can forge any shapes they like,of course,such shapes must comply with drop forging technology and the dimensions can not exceed the range of the largest forging press allows.There are many drop forging companies all over the world,and buyer can choose to custom drop forgings in any countries(USA,UK,Australia,China,ect) they like.In comparison,they prefer to buying in China for the low price.But due to the lack of understanding of Chinese drop forging industry,buyers do not know how to make the parts in China.
forged fittingsDrop Forging is a processing method by use of forging press put pressure on metal blanks,making it produce plastic deformation in order to obtain certain mechanical properties,a certain shape and sizes.Forging can eliminate the as-cast loose defect produced during metal smelting process,and optimize the microstructure.Meanwhile because of the intact metal flow,the mechanical properties of forging will be better than that of castings in same material.

Main forged fittings include:elbow,flange,tee,union,coupling,cap,ect.

Main standard:American standard ANSI,German standard DIN,Janpanese standard JIS and Chinese GB/T,ect.
closed die forgingClosed die forging,also called impression die forging,involves the pressing or hammering of preformed metal blanks into a set of dies shaped as a three dimensional negative of the part to be produced.In closed die forging the hammer and anvil fully enclose the workpiece,forcing the metal to fill all areas of the die.Closed die forging can produce a nearly limitless variety of 3-D shapes, and is capable of producing complex parts with tight tolerances.

Closed die forging is distinct from open die forging, in which the die only comes into contact with part of the workpiece at a time.Initial costs for developing the processes and tooling for closed die forging can be quite high,but it is the most cost-effective forging method for high volume production,since recurring costs for each part are very low.In addition,closed die forging is capable of producing both symmetrical and non-symmetrical parts. Materials that frequently undergo closed die forging processes include high alloy steel, naval brass,carbon steel,aluminum,alloy metals,stainless steel,copper, nickel,tool steel and titanium.Closed die forgings are used particularly often by industries such as electronics,aerospace,automotive,commercial,manufacturing,semiconductor,construction,hardware and food processing.
Alloy steel is also one of the most commonly used metals for drop forging. This is because drop forged alloy steel is known for being stronger, more wear resistant and tougher compared to carbon steel drop forgings. Alloy steel is considered to be iron-based alloys that has been alloyed or mixed with a variety of elements in the range of 1.00 – up to 50.0% to enhance the physical properties. The combination of alloys and elements forged together is what determines the phyical strengths and properties of the metal. Common alloys added are chromium, molybdenum, manganese, nickel, vanadium boron and silicon.

To achieve these properties of increased stregnth, resistance and toughness, alloy steel drop forging is typically done by heat treatment,also known as hot forging.Our company maintains an extensive inventory of alloy steel.Our most popular closed die alloy steels to forge include 20Cr,20CrMo,30CrMo,35CrMo,42CrMo,ect.
agricultural machineryWith the development of economy,it has come true that mechanized production is now applied in agriculture.In the past,people have to plant crops by labour,which cost them much time and energy.Nowadays,we just need to finish all the works by agricultural machines,such as tractor,cultivator,chisel plow,air seeder,harvester,ect.

Agricultural machinery is one of the main industries we served for drop forging products.With over 10 years experience in exporting agricultural wear parts to overseas market,like Spain,Italy,UK,ect,Fly now could offer a completed forging solution for agricultural needs including product design,drop forged dies making,forging,machining,heat treatment,surface finish,assembling,package,delivery,ect.We now have the most advanced production lines in China,could serve agricultural forgings in different specifications so that it could fit for all machines.All our agricultural drop forgings are made for agricultural equipment manufacturers or agricultural wear parts dealers.
drop forged eye nutsDrop forged eye nuts and eyebolts are used for lifting&rigging application.They provide strong and predictable suspension points for overhead rigging systems.And drop forging process will ensure a consistent,safe fastener.We can custom eye nuts in different sizes ranging from 1/4"-2" with working load limits from 0.07t-16t.When using,we must note eye nuts can not work exceed the working load limit,and make sure the thread holes are clean and undamaged for fitting.

Of course,inspection of drop forged eye nuts is also very important.We should ensure that the products are regularly inspected and that the inspection should be done in accordance with the safety standards given in the country of use.This is required because the products in use may be affected by wear,misuse,overloading,etc.During using process,users should take in mind that Inspection should take place at least every six months and even more frequently.
Forged socket weld fittings are another kind of high pressure forged fittings we have made in our factory.A Socket Weld is a pipe attachment detail in which a pipe is inserted into a recessed area of a valve, fitting or flange. In contrast to buttweld fittings, socket weld fittings are mainly used for small pipe diameters (Small Bore Piping); generally for piping whose nominal diameter is NPS 2 or smaller.There are three pressure classes also:3000,6000,9000.Drop forging technology will help you to obtain good performance socket weld fittings,and you will no need to worry about any quality problem when using.As socket weld fittings can also be used in place of thread fittings,so there will exist much smaller leakage.Although they are used in many industries,but as socket weld fittings are not available for Ultrahigh Hydrostatic Pressure(UHP) in food industry,which may produce virtual leaks.Below is the dimension sheet of forged socket weld fittings we have in stock:
Threaded fittings are one of the oldest jointing methods used in piping systems.Similar to socket weld fittings,they are designed for small pipe diameters no more than NPS 2.Such threaded fittings are normally made in stainless steel or carbon steel.We can divide them into three pressure classes:2000,3000,and 6000.Forged threaded fittings are a kind of forged high pressure fittings widely used in low cost,noncritical applications like water&fire protection,industrial cooling water systems,ect.Currently,forged threaded fittings made in our company are 45° elbow,90° elbow,tee,cross,half couplings,full couplings,ect.Below are the detailed dimension sheet for forged threaded fittings we have developed:
high pressure forged fittingsDefinition:With the booming development of modern industry,pipe fittings are widely applied in almost all the industries as the connector for pipes,especially for mining industry,oil&gas industry,chemical machinery,shipbuilding industry,ect.Such fittings include:elbow(45°&90°),tee,cross,cap,half coupling,coupling,and so on.all these fittings must withstand high pressure,so we call them high pressure forged fittings.

Materials:Due to the corrosion resistance and rustless of stainless steel,so it is commonly adopted for manufacturing forged fittings.Main material specifications are SS304 and SS316.Besides,there also exsits another carbon steel material(A105) used in the production of forged fittings.
auger teethAuger teeth is assembled to drilling auger(earth auger) for digging post holes in construction machinery.We can divide auger teeth into auger gage teeth,auger wisdom teeth,auger chisel teeth,auger carbide wisdom teeth according to its special usage.

Benefits of drop forged auger teeth
  • Drop forging can produce auger teeth that is strongerthan an equivalent cast part.As the metal bar is shapes during forging process,its internal grain deforms to follow the general shapes of auger teeth.
  • Drop forged auger teeth respond more predictably to heat treatment and offer better stability.
  • No internal defects will produce after forging
  • Short lead time for large production runs
Carbon steel is steel in which the main interstitial alloying constituent is carbon in the range of 0.12–2.0% along with varying quantities of other elements such as tungsten,cobalt,and chromium. Generally in defining carbon steel, no minimum or maximum concentrations are quoted for these elements, although it is accepted that stainless steel does not qualify. In other words, concentrations of both the primary carbon and secondary alloying elements may be adjusted to suit the intended end purpose of the steel. For example, increasing the carbon content of the alloy increases its hardness while decreasing its ductility.Drop Forging is one of the oldest metal forming methods and involves repetitive manual or powered impact to force red hot steel into a certain shape.The metal is heated in medium frequency furnace and shaped between the two halves of dies to achieve its final form.
stump grinder teethWe all know that stump grinder machines are widely used in forest industry to remove tree stumps.Stump grinder works by a cutter wheel with carbide teeth fixed.And the hydraulic cylinder will control the cutter wheel moving and push the stump grinder teeth to grind the tree stumps.If you are the user or distributor of stump grinder machines,you must know the importance of shapening stump grinder(How to sharpen stump grinder teeth?).

So the quality of stump grinder teeth will decide the using time.A stump grinder tooth is design by drop forging and then braze a small piece of tungsten carbide to enhance the strength so that it can work longer.After that such teeth will be fixed to the cutter wheel.Below is a picture showing how the stump grinder teeth are fixed to the wheel.
lunette ring assemblingLunette ring is a metal component that is installed on the front of a trailer,then towed by a vehicle using a standard pintle hook.Normally the inside diameter is 3 inch,it can be mounted to a trailer tongue using a bolt-on installation.There are different kinds of lunette rings,which are designed according to the weight of trailer.

Established in 2001 as a manufacturer of forged lunettle ring, Fly company has grown to become a leading manufacturer of forged components for trailer industry. Today, Fly vertically-integrated manufacturing capabilities include Mold making,Forging,CNC Machining,Welding,Surface Coating,Heat treatment,ect.Our key competitive strengths are Pricing, Service & Product Development.Fly Forge could make forged steel lunette ring according to your size.All these forged lunettle rings are produced from high quality alloy steel to reach maximun strength and durability.Of course,we are also able to make other forged trailer parts for you,such as D-ring,hitch ball,clevis grab hook,ect.
drop forged eyeboltsEye Bolt,which is a bolt with a loop at one end, is also one of the pipe fittings we made in drop forging process.Such eye bolts are designed to attach a securing eye to a structure and then tie to ropers or cables.We can divide eye bolts into regular nut eye bolts,rod ends,safety swivel hoist rings,pad eyes and eye nuts,machinery eye bolts,metric eye bolts,turned eye bolts and wire eye bolts, stainless steel shoulder nut eye bolts, shoulder nut eye bolts, open eye bolts, and closed eye bolts.

Ningbo Fly Drop Forge Co.,ltd is the top manufacturer of drop forged eye bolts in China.We can provide you eye bolts in high performance and meet your specific requirements.With advance drop forging process,we could quickly deliver eye bolts to you.And we can provide quantities for short runs up to full production runs.Our staff is available to work with you to assist in the design of the most effective eye bolts for your application.
forged elbowElbow is one of the commom pipe fittings applied in oil&gas industry.An elbow provides a change in material-flow direction. This adds pressure losses to the system due to impact, friction and re-acceleration.As product enters the inlet of the elbow, it typically continues moving straight ahead to the first (or primary) impact zone. The product is then deflected at an angle toward the outlet of the elbow. The deflection angle is determined by the elbow design, the product’s characteristics, the conveying velocity, and specific load (also called the product-to-gas ratio). In many designs, the product will hit one or more secondary impact zones before exiting the elbow.

Elbows can be divided into different degrees,45 degree and 90 degree.There are also different kinds of elbows sold in the market,like tube elbow,pipe elbow,reducing elbow,forged elbow,welded elbow,threded elbow,ect.Today we would like to talk about forged elbows.Forged 90° elbows are manufactured as SR (Short Radius) elbows and LR (Long Radius) elbows.
Hammer unions are commonly used in oilfield industry to seal two pieces of pipe or hose together and connected by threads or welds.They are high-pressure threaded or welded connections with two halves,a threaded female half and a wing male half with swivel nut that fit together and seal upon turning and then hammering the nut half together with the threaded half.To fit different sizes of pipe or hose,corresponding types of hammer unions are designed.In most cases,they come in sizes from 1" up to 10" and in pressures from 1,000 psi up to 15,000 psi.We distinguish pressure ratings with diffierent colours.Below is the chart for complete pressure rating and color codes for each high presure hammer union availible.

Fly's hammer union nuts are produced using modern drop forging manufacturing techniques to attain first class workmanship and dimensional control.All these nuts will follow our quality control system.Besides,we will also design a fixture to test and ensure correct assembling.100% testing could be done as requested.
rigging shackleRigging shackle is a u-shaped metal piece with a clevis pin or bolt across the opening.According to its usage,such rigging shackles are designed into different types,like bolt type anchor shackles,screw pin anchor shackles,screw pin sling shacke,bolt type chain shackle,ect.Shackles are the main connecting link used in rigging systems,from boats,ships to industrial crane rigging.They are used for not only lifting,but also for securing loads, retrieval, fall precaution,and other activities.These shackles are made from high corrosion resistant stainless steel, carbon steel and steel alloy both self-colored and galvanized, which makes them capable of enduring years of tough rigging. However if not used properly you run the risk of not only breaking the shackle but injuring yourself or others.

Fly Forge is an authorized manufacturer for rigging hardware districtutor/dealer(shackle,wire rope clip,hook,eyebolt,ect).We can drop forge shackles in any type with stainless steel,carbon steel or other steels.Our in house heat treatment will greatly improve the strength of such parts.And assembling to be a whole is also one of the benefits for us to manufacture shackles for you.Currently,all our rigging shackles are exported to Europe and America region.Just pls contact us right now,no type limitation,no time limitation!
drop forged wire roper clipOnce wire rope is easy to be loose and looped back to form an eye,so wire rope clips are produced to fix the loose end of wire rope.We can also call wire rope clip a u-bolt clamp or u-bolt clip.A wire rope clip is made up of a u-bolt with a saddle secured by two bolts.Normally,at least two or three wire rope clips to be assembled to wire rope to secure the ends properly to the length of the roper.

While wire rope clips are not designed to be used in an overhead lifting situation (swage sleeves should be used instead), drop forged wire rope clips are a heavy duty wire rope clip that can be used for sustaining overhead loads. Examples include guy lines, support lines, scaffolding, etc. Drop forged clips are galvanized, meaning they have a heavy coating of a zinc solution that will hold up to worksite abuse and the elements for a long time. Drop forged steel are excellent for use as guy wire clamps for heavy duty guying applications because they are both strong and resistant to corrosion.
Tie rod ends are used in the steering linkage, steering knuckle pivot supports, and various hinge mechanisms. They connect the center link to the steering knuckle on cars with ordinary suspension systems and recirculating ball steering gears.Together with the ball joints, tie rod ends make sure the car steers left and right at the same time it is hitting bumps and potholes that might cause the wheel to travel up and down. 

The sleeve connects the inner and outer tie rod ends together and allows for adjustment when the front wheels are aligned.The outer tie rod ends are connected to the steering knuckle that actually turns the front wheels.The steering knuckle has an upper and lower ball joint that it pivots on and creates the geometry of the steering axis. It consists of an inner and outer end. The inner tie rod ends are attached to either end of the center link and are served as pivot points for the steering gear.
A rocker arm is one of the automotive parts in the internal combustion engine.As the arm is worked on by a camshaft lobe,it pushes open either an intake or exhaust valve.This allows fuel and air to be drawn into the combustion chamber during the intake stroke or exhaust gases to be expelled during the exhaust stroke.Rocker arms have been invested for more than two hundred years and Its function has been change littlesince then.During the developing of rocker arms,Both the operation efficiency and production material are keeping improved. Many modern rocker arms are made of drop forging process with material 42CrMo or other alternative materials.

In many internal combustion engines,rotational motion is induced in the crank shaft as the pistons cause it to rotate.This rotation is translated to the camshaft via a belt or chain.In turn,lobes on the camshaft are applied to push open the valves via rocker arms.This can be achieved either through direct contact between a camshaft lobe and rocker arm or indirectly though contact with a lifter driven pushrod. Overhead cam engines have lobes on the camshaft which contact each rocker arm directly, while overhead valve engines utilize lifters and pushrods.In overhead cam engines,the camshaft can be located in the head,while overhead valve engines have the camshaft in the block.Both varieties are seen in the US,but regulations have contributed to the decline of overhead valve applications elsewhere in the world.
A control arm is a bar that has a pivot at both ends. A car has several, including the upper control arm and the lower control arm, which are arranged to form the letter A.Control arms are part of the suspension system. They attach suspension members to the chassis and manage the motion of the wheels so that it synchronizes with that of the body of the car. They work with bushings, which are cylindrical linings that reduce friction and restrain the auto parts from going every which way.

As a result, you are able to go on joy rides without feeling sick and dizzy, as there is control and smoothness in the movement of the car. The two bottom points of the control arms that form the letter A are attached to the frame of the vehicle while the top point is attached to the spindle. Three or four control arms are placed between the rear axle housing and the frame if you have coil springs in both the front and rear suspensions.Like other body parts, the control arms should also be lubricated at every oil inspection. Handling and steering could become erratic if the control arms are malfunctioning and the unsteady movements of your car could take away your riding comfort.
Connecting rod used in automotive is a major link inside of a combustion engine.It connects the piston to the crankshaft and transfer power from the piston to the crankshaft,then send it to the transmission.After finishing the design of a connecting rod,we could choose different materials and production ways.In most cases,connecting rod will be made in steel or aluminum.And we could consider investment casting process,drop forging process or powdered metallurgy.But according to its fuction,most purchasers will prefer drop forging process(see the differences between drop forging and investment casting),and the do precision machining.

When connecting rod applied in vehicle engined,investment casting is available.This type of rod is made just by pouring the molten steel into a mold,and then do machining to achieve finished parts.It is reliable for lower horsepower-producing engines and is the cheapest way to manufacture.Casting connecting rod can be used in almost each type of engine, from gasoline to diesel.But due to the shortage of casting process,defects may be easily produced.By contrast,drop forging is better.
Ningbo Fly Drop Forge Co.,ltd specializes in drop forgings,we have a proven reputation for custom high quality and affordable stainless steel drop forgings in a variety of sizes and quantities.

Stainless steel drop forgings from Fly company are produced from stainless steel round bars.Such material is widely used for manufacturing stainless steel valve body,pipe fittings(like tee,elbow,coupling,ect) and other products.In addition,we could offer precision machining service in house.If your current supplier is quoting in high price and long lead time,just turn to our company for your stainless steel drop forgings.
drop forging diesHere all the drop forgings made in our company are closed die forgings,not open die forgings,so we will need to make dies first before drop forging.The material of drop forging dies is die steel,such as H13,P20,ect.

In our factory,you will first see an individual machining workshop with lots of CNC center.Just as you see,it is our dies workshop.All the dies for drop forgings are made by ourselves,so comparing with other forging factory whose dies are outsouring made,we could offer you a more competitive die cost.Besides,it will be better for us the control the quality and production time.Really a wide choice to come to Fly Drop Forge!
ISO/TS 16949 certification in our company

As a leading drop forging supplier in China,our company successfully achieved the ISO/TS 16949 certifications in 2014 by the joint efforts of all staff.We are now able to customize all kinds of automotive parts with our advanced drop forging process.Such forged automotive parts are like forged connecting rod,york ends,tie rod end,rocker arm,control arm,ect.These forged automotive parts are mainly exported to USA,Germany,Australia,UK,Canada for automotive manufacturers or auto parts dealers.Thanks to our high quality,impressive service and competitive price,we are always keep good business cooperation with our customers.
Material is one of the main factors when designing a drop forging product.There are a lot of considerations for deciding material for a drop forging part.We should know the properties of all kinds of drop forging materials.

In general,drop forging materials are classified into steel,aluminum,copper.As our company is mainly focused on steel forgings.So we will study steel material in detail.Steel is an iron-based alloy with small additions of carbon and other elements that impart improvements in various properties.Steel is the most widely used materials of metals. It is the 
metal material that has the highest strength per unit cost.There are a wide range of steel compositions as well as a wide range of microstructures that can be produced. These ranges allow a large choice of properties to be achieved within the steel-alloy family.At low temperatures,the microstructure of steel is often in the ferrite plus iron-carbide phase field,whereas at high temperatures,the microstructure of steel is in the austenite phase field.The different phases indicate differences in crystal structure.More over,they indicate differences in properties.Drop forging is conducted in the austenite phase field.
With drop forging process,we could customize all kinds of metal components in different shapes.These parts are all applied in different industries,like agricultural industry,Mining&tunelling industry,Transportation equipments,Oilfield industry,construction machinery,ect.In-house CAD/CAM and tool making capabilities enable us to manufacture specials and standard head forms on short lead times.

Agricultural machinery
Current mechanized production has replaced the original artificial production.Agricultural machinery parts occupy about 25% of drop forging production.Most of our drop forged parts in agricultural machinery are supplied to the distributors/wholesalers.Of course,we also supply parts for end agricultural machinery manufacturers or fammers,but no more than distributors.All our drop forging agricultural wear parts are all with high wear resistance.Besides this,we could also offer value-added brazing technoloy with tungsten carbide attached to add the strength.Commonly agricultural machinery parts in drop forging process are kinfe guards,tub grinder tips,flial hammer,chisel plow points,ect.