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Steel forgings

steel forgingsHere steel forgings refer to drop forgings made by steel,not other materials.It is a specialized form of forging involving various type of steel.Steel forgings are used when forge irons cannot deliver enough strength or shock resistance.In most cases,steel forgings are required for those components where high strength and wear resistance are needed.We could protect steel forgings from rust corrosion by machining and a surface coating.

Material of steel forgings include:

Heat treatment of steel forgings

To improve the performance of products,heat treatments can be done after achieving the forging blanks.Such heat treatments can be:hardening,tempering,annealing,normalising,stress relieving,solution annealing,ect.


To ensure good quality of steel forgings,we can also arrange comprehensive testing: Metallurgical and Mechanical. This includes Non Destructive Testing: Ultrasonic Testing, MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection), Dye-penetrant Inspection.

Mechanical testing:Tensile,Izod,Charpy,Stress Rupture,Hardness.

Advantages of steel forgings

Strength:There are also metallurgical advantages to forge a steel component. Because the metal is shaped during the process the internal grain deforms and follows the general shape of the piece. This results in a final product with better strength characteristics that could be achieved through machining alone.

Costs: The steel forging process is a cost trade-off between the initial setup cost of the dies and tools,and the recurring costs of manufacturing parts.Therefore steel forgings become more cost-effective when larger production runs are required.

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Ningbo Fly Drop Forge Co.,ltd is specialized in supplying custom steel forgings for over 20 years.By delivering high quality and affordable steel forgings in different kinds of sizes and quantities,we have a good reputation now.We could customize steel forgings for use in a variety of products for various industries including chemical,petro-chemical,offshore and land installations,military,marine and naval,rolling stock and rail road,hand tools,food processing,general engineering,valves and pump parts,power generation,ect.We offer value-added service,including machining,heat treating and welding to make sure that we could deliver finished forgings to you.Besides,reports on chemical composition and mechanical properties,and other NDT testing reports could also be provided as specified.Refer to how to buy steel forgings for better understanding!
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