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Stainless steel drop forgings

Ningbo Fly Drop Forge Co.,ltd specializes in drop forgings,we have a proven reputation for custom high quality and affordable stainless steel drop forgings in a variety of sizes and quantities.

Stainless steel drop forgings from Fly company are produced from stainless steel round bars.Such material is widely used for manufacturing stainless steel valve body,pipe fittings(like tee,elbow,coupling,ect) and other products.In addition,we could offer precision machining service in house.If your current supplier is quoting in high price and long lead time,just turn to our company for your stainless steel drop forgings.

Benefits of stainless steel drop forgings 

Stainless steel drop forgings contain a protective oxide layer that protect steel forgings from resisting corrosion.Besides,it also resists deformation,stress cracking,pitting,and other defects that may shorten the working life of metal parts.Besides,stainless steel parts after drop forging process will be much stronger than a cast or machined process.

Quality assurance in Fly Forge

Fly Drop Forge's ISO 9001:2008 quality system is implemented at each step of custom stainless steel drop forging process.We will do full inspection for stainless steel forgings with thread by screw gauge or go and not go gauge.Our inpection will end up with real testing reports.Just follow our PO Procedure,and contact us right now!

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