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Drop Forged Yoke Ends

Yoke ends, also called a clevis yoke or clevis ends, are threaded fittings usually assembled to the end of a threaded rod, pipe, tube or cable. Once it is secured, the yoke is attached with a clevis pin to a mounting point. Normally, yoke ends are drop forged with carbon steel. 

Material: Carbon Steel

drop forged yoke ends

        drop forged yoke end
Carbon steel
is a special type of steel that, as the name suggests, has a higher concentration of carbon than other types of steel. Most types of steel have a relatively low carbon content of about 0.05% to 0.3%. In comparison, carbon steel has a carbon content of up to 2.5%. Two-and-a-half percent carbon may sound insignificant, but it introduces several attractive benefits that aren’t found elsewhere.

There are several advantages to choosing carbon steel as the material of drop forged yoke ends, one of which is increased strength. The use of carbon makes iron — or steel — stronger by shuffling around its crystal latice. While carbon steel can still stress and break under pressure, it’s less likely to occur than with other types of steel. This makes carbon steel particularly effective in application of drop forged yoke ends where strength is needed. Today, carbon steel is widely used in casting and forging processes to make components such as tools, automotive components and more.

Manufacturing Process: Drop Forging

Drop forging of yoke ends is a method of shaping and forming metal using a set of dies (metal-shaping molds). Downward force is applied by the second moving part of the die. This downward force and motion is where the "drop" in drop forging comes from. As the most common metal forging method, it is very suitable to produce yoke ends. 

The strength of yoke ends made by drop forging manufacturers can be greatly improved, which is for its particular use by causing the internal grain of the metal to deform to follow the shape of the part. Besides carbon steel, yoke ends can also be drop forged by other metals, such as stainless steel or aluminum.

In short, drop forgings are used often to produce hardwares for industries such as aerospace, national defense, automotive, agriculture, construction, hardware, mining, material handling, etc. Many hand tools have “Drop Forged” boldly imprinted on them to indicate their added strength and durability as a result of the forging process. If you have any inquiry on drop forged yoke ends or other drop forged components, pls contact CFS Forge now!

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