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Drawing Design for Drop Forging

We all know that drop forging is just a metal forming technology working according to the drawings. So to custom drop forging in China, drawing design is the first step to make a metal part.Such drawing is normally designed with computer softwares like DXF, Parasolid, Step, Igs, Solidworks, Catia, Pro-Engineer, etc. Usually a drawing consists of drawing number, material, unit weight, dimensions, tolerances, notes, etc. All these factors must be exactly marked in the drawing so that drop forging companies could customize the right part you need. Of course, samples could also be offered if drawing is not available.

Drawing number
Drawing number is used to name a drop forging part so that we could check the part accordingly. In most cases, the drawing number (such as FLY151006) is made up of letter and numbers (letters could be the abbreviation of company namer,numbers could be the date or product serial number). When communicate with our customers, both of us will know which one we are talking about. And for next order, purchaser will just advise the drawing number in the PO.

Material plays a decisive role on the property of drop forgings. In drop forging field, we could choose stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel ,aluminum. Material is decided mainly according to the usage of product. So designers must well mark the material specification in the drawing, like 20#, 45#, SS304, etc.

Unit weight
Unit weight is marked in the drawing in order that suppliers could have a better understanding if the product is suitable for manufacturing. And what kind of metal bar will be used and how long the metal bar will be cutted for forging. Thus we could do cost analysis correctly. In a word, it will help us the calculate the price in the shortest time.

To describe the shape of a drop forged part, designer will mark the dimensions (length, width, thickness, outer diameter, inner diameter, chamfer, ect) of each section. And toletances will also be noted for main dimensions so that drop forgings will be ok for assembling. For tight toletance, we could meet by precision machining. And unspecfied tolerances may also be marked in the bottom of drawing.

Notes contain some important information for drop forging manufacturer, which are also commonly marked on the right side of a drawing. Such notes can be the alternative material, mechanical properties requirement, heat treatment requirement, testing requirement, ect).

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