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Drop Forged Wire Rope Clip

What is Wire Rope Clip?

drop forged wire rope clipsOnce wire rope is easy to be loose and looped back to form an eye, so wire rope clips are produced to fix the loose end of wire rope. We can also call wire rope clip a u-bolt clamp or u-bolt clip. A wire rope clip is made up of a u-bolt with a saddle secured by two bolts. Normally, at least two or three wire rope clips to be assembled to wire rope to secure the ends properly to the length of the roper.

While wire rope clips are not designed to be used in an overhead lifting situation (swage sleeves should be used instead), drop forged wire rope clips are a heavy duty wire rope clip that can be used for sustaining overhead loads. Examples include guy lines, support lines, scaffolding, etc. Drop forged clips are galvanized, meaning they have a heavy coating of a zinc solution that will hold up to worksite abuse and the elements for a long time. Drop forged steel are excellent for use as guy wire clamps for heavy duty guying applications because they are both strong and resistant to corrosion.

Application of Drop Forged Wire Rope Clip

Step 1--Turn back the specified amount of rope from the thimble. Apply the first clip one base width from the dead end of the wire rope (U-bolt over dead end - live end rests in clip saddle). Tighten nuts evenly to recommended torque.

Step 2--Apply the next clip as near the loop as possible. Turn on nuts firm but do not tighten.

Step 3--When these instructions require more than two clips-space additional clips equally between the first two-take up rope slack-tighten all nuts evenly on all clips to recommended torque.

Drop forged wire rope clip made in our company

According to your drawings or sample, Fly Drop Forge Co.,ltd could customize wire rope clip with drop forging process in different sizes. Besides this, we could also forge other rigging hardwares, such as shackle, hook, eyebolteye nut , ect. Normally, after forging, we still need to do zinc plating due to customer's requirement. Drop forging will ensure wire rope clip long lasting strength, durability and dependability.

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