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Aluminum Forging in CFS Company

When it comes to drop forging metals, anyone working in the metals industry knows that use of aluminum is growing, that is because forged aluminum is strong while maintaining its light weight. Even if the price of aluminum is fluctuating, the demand of aluminum forging is still increasing compared to steel forging and copper forging.

Due to the fast growth in transportation and construction industries, aluminum’s upward trend is expected to continue over the next several years. According to one market report, the worldwide market for aluminum alloys is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.8 percent through 2020, with market revenue rising in the U.S. from $91.2 billion in 2013 to $126.5 billon in 2020. Another report states that in the global automotive industry alone, aluminum use is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.4 percent over 2015-2020.
Aluminum Forging in CFS Company
CFS Forge, as a key drop forging supplier to automotive and other aluminum forging-consuming industries, the skills of our workers and forging equipments are always improved. The unique properties of aluminum forging require us to be equipped with the right forging tools and techniques.

Based on closed die forging process, aluminum alloys are the most readily forged into precise, intricate shapes. As you may know, this is because aluminum alloys are:
  • very ductile at normal forging temperatures
  • can be forged in steel dies that are heated to the same temperature as the workpiece
  • do not develop scale during heating
  • require low forging pressures
  • may be forged at high or low strain rates
While these properties certainly make aluminum alloys ideal for forging, they also have different requirements compared to other forged materials. For example, temperature controls and furnace construction for aluminum forging are different from those used with steel forging. Specifically, indirect-fired or electric resistance-type furnaces equipped with internal fans are often preferred for aluminum. In most cases, the article states, this usually means new furnaces for the steel forger contemplating forging aluminum.

Other forging processes such as trimming, heat treatment, and quality inspection also need to take aluminum’s distinctive attributes into consideration. The same holds true when sawing aluminum. Forges that cut and process metal need to make sure they understand what is needed to cost-effectively and efficiently cut aluminum.

Why CFS Company?

Why should CFS Company be your aluminum forging partner? There are several key components that prove CFS is the ideal for your business.

Our Process

CFS strives to meet every expectation that our customers require, with quality work at every level of production—from RFQ to the order’s delivery. Our processes allow us to keep the customer at the center of everything we do, making them a vital member of our team!

Our Capabilities

CFS has a wide range of capabilities for your most challenging job. Aluminum hot forging, heat treat and machining are just some of the services we offer. Our facilities span over 20,000 sq. meters. of office and manufacturing space that house forging equipments in different tons. We are continuously making updates to our facilities to expand our capabilities, and to ensure we continue to meet the demands of our clients.

Engineering Capabilities:
  • CAD/CAM system-SolidWorks
  • FORGE Transvalor – Forging Simulation Software
  • SOP for control of CNC Machine Programs
Forging Alloys Capabilities: 
(weights ranging from 0.02kg-20kgs)

Testing Capabilities:
  • Chemical composition analysis
  • Mechanical testing (tensile-yield-elongation)
  • NDT Testing (dye penetrant, UT, radiographic)
  • Hardness, Conductivity, & Grain Size Analysis
Our Team

When you work with CFS Company, you have a whole team behind your order that ensures our work is meeting the required standard. CFS employs a highly skilled team of metallurgists with aerospace industry experience for projects with specific grain size and direction requirements, and ensures that our finished products meet mechanical and other testing standards. CFS also has a well-staffed team of engineers that oversee our production processes, and at every step of production, our team of Quality experts verifies that our products meet the standard.

We focus on the small details to make sure our customers are getting the best quality in our products!

Our Certifications

CFS Forge is committed to making sure our accreditations are always up to date, ensuring a culture of consistency and attention to detail.

Our qualifications include:
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • API Certification
  • TS16949 Approved
If you’re in need of an aluminum forging supplier that can provide a full solution, request a quote from us today! We look forward to working with you!

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