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Forged Bucket Teeth

What is Bucket Teeth?

Excavator bucket teeth is the important part of excavator for construction machinery, like human teeth. Bucket teeth is always fitted with the adapter using a pin.

Common bucket teeth in the market are served for excavator like: Caterpillar, komatsu, Hitachi, Daewoo, Esco, ect. As bucket teeth is worked in a hard environment, so the wear-resistance is quite important, it will directly affect the working life and performance of products. Currently, main production processes of excavator bucket teeth can be: casting and forging.

What is forging?

Forging offers uniformity of composition and structure. With many closed die forgings made from one "heat" of steel, steel forgings have minimum variation in machinability and mechanical properties.

Forging is the application of thermal and mechanical energy to steel bars, billets, and ingots to cause the material to change shape while in the solid state. This is a different process than casting, where metal is melted and poured into a mold in the liquid or molten state.

Forging requires a forge furnace or oven to heat the steel to sufficient temperature so that work hardening or strain hardening will not result from the deformation process. Metallurgical recrystallization and grain refinement result from the thermal cycle and the deformation process. This strengthens the resulting steel product, particularly in terms of impact toughness. 

Forged Bucket Teeth

Forged bucket teeth is the manufacturing process that putting pressure on the heated steel billet between the forging dies in high temperature, so that the material will full fill the forging dies, thus to achieve desired shape. In the forging process,the billet will be plastic deformed to obtain certain mechanical properties. Bucket teeth after forging processing can improve its organizational structure and guarantee a good mechanical performance, more wear-resisting, long service life. However, cast bucket teeth are made in the condition of high temperature molten metal and then injected in the casting molds, final cast bucket teeth are thus formed after cooling. By comparison,cast bucket teeth is more easy to products defects like air holes. And both the mechanical properties and wear resistant will be worse than that of forged bucket teeth,thus to affect the serving life of products. So we always suggest forging process for excavator bucket teeth.

Currently, as the top manufacturer and exporter of forged bucket teeth in China, we are now exporting such forged replacements for both large brand excavator manufacturers and bucket teeth distributors all over the world. To improve the properties of forged bucket teeth, we always suggest our customer to select good wear resistance forging material like 42CrMo. And heat treatment will also help to improve the hardness of products.

FAQs of Forged Bucket Teeth

1.What are the differences between forged bucket teeth and cast bucket teeth?
Both the strength and wear-resistance of forged bucket teeth is much better than cast ones. And with forging process, we will not need to worry about defects that may easily produce in casting process.

2.Compared with cast bucket teeth, which is more cost-effective?
Due to the different technology of forging and casting(see forging vs casting), tooling cost of forged bucket teeth is higher than that of cast one. But as tooling cost is just one-time cost and the unit cost of forged bucket teeth is lower. So in total, forged bucket teeth is more cost-effective.

3.The higher the hardness,the better the wear-resistance will be?
Without doubt, we can improve the hardness of forged bucket teeth by heat treatment, but it does not mean the higher the hardness, the better the wear-resistance will be. According to our forging experience,our engineer suggests a hardness range 48-52HRC. Too high hardness will make products fragile and shorten its working life.
Can you please elaborate on the kind of machinery used to produce such kinds of forged bucket teeth?
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