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For its special usage, there is  a high requirement on the strength of silp yokes and no defects are allowed. So slip yoke is usually designed by drop forging process, other than investment casting. The first step to start silp yoke manufacturing is its forging dies, like other drop forged products, normally the tooling cost of slip yoke is much more expensive than cast ones. But it is affordable in our company and we will be in charge of the follow-up maintenance work, it is just one-time cost. As an OEM drop forging company, we can customize all kinds of forged slip yokes according to your specifications.

Forging is not the stop, precision machining is another manufacturing point for slip yokes. Our advanced machining equipments can offer you most precision machined slip yokes. So we are experts in manufacturing and exporting slip yokes to overseas customers, just pls feel free to contact us if you are interested. 
The past few years have seen a shift towards the use of forged steel, in particular for valves used in critical and severe service applications, such as oil industry, chemical industry, power industry, energe industry, ect. All forging processes start with a solid piece of metal or ingot that is forged into shape with hammers or presses. 

Issued with API certification, CFS Forge is reputed manufacturers and exporters of forged steel blanks for high pressure valves products (gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, etc) in Ningbo, China. We are manufacturing forged steel valve components from high grade raw materials, such as A105, SS304, SS316, ect. We are manufacturing high quality forged steel valve components in different size, shapes, design and also manufacturing as per customer's design. And all valves are well tested using latest valves technologies. We export over forged steel valves products to countries all over the world.
Rubber track is a conveying system widely used in construction machinery equipments(such as excavator,CTL/MTL and drill machine) and agricultural machinery(combine harvester,small dumper/carrier,tractor).The Metal core attaches itself to the sprocket and prevents the rubber track from slipping off the wheel.And the metal core is firmly bonded to the rubber by a special adhesive treatment.Below is a picture showing the usage of metal cores for your better understanding:

Due to the advantages of drop forging,such rubber track metal core will be drop forged to achieve high strength,and then heat treated to meet enough hardness,which will reduce vibration when rubber track works.Main material used for forged rubber track metal core is 1045 seel and 40Cr,we can also make metal cores in other material specification according to our customers' requirements.
Combine harvester is one of the main agricultural machinery equipments that used for harvesting grain crops, such as oats, rye, wheat, ect. Knife guard/finger is designed for increasing cutting capacity and harvesting speed. Our combine harvester knife finger/ guard are assembled to John Deere, New Holland, Claas, Ford and so on. 

For its special working condition, wear resistance is the most important factor of forged harvester knife guards. So materials with good wear-reisistance like ASTM 1045 steel or AISI4140 are applied for such products. In addition, we could also improve the wear-resistance of combine harvester kinfe guard/finger by add the hardness after heat treatment. Normally hardness of such products wil be controlled between 50-60HRC. But it does mean the higher the hardness, the better working performance the knife guard/finger will be. Too high hardness will cause products in fragile and easy broken status when woking.
Precision forging is worked in a close to final shape or close-tolerance forging way.It is a refinement forging techniques compare to traditional closed die forging technology.When you need a product with near net shape or net shape,precision forging is the right choice to source,such forging technic will refine the product to little or no machining.

As the precision forging manufacturer and supplier in China,we offer OEM service and exporting service for customers from USA,UK,Australia,Canada,ect.Such precision forgings are mainly involved in automotive components,agricultural machinery parts,railway components,mining machinery parts.In addition to forging,we can also provide other services like machining,heat treatment,surface treatment,custom package,ect.
forged bucket teethForged bucket teeth is the manufacturing process that putting pressure on the heated steel billet between the forging dies in high temperature,so that the material will full fill the forging dies,thus to achieve desired shape.In the forging process,the billet will be plastic deformed to obtain certain mechanical properties.Bucket teeth after forging processing can improve its organizational structure and guarantee a good mechanical performance,more wear-resisting, long service life.However,cast bucket teeth are made in the condition of high temperature molten metal and then injected in the casting molds,final cast bucket teeth are thus formed after cooling. By comparison,cast bucket teeth is more easy to products defects like air holes.And both the mechanical properties and wear resistant will be worse than that of forged bucket teeth,thus to affect the serving life of products.So we always suggest forging process for excavator bucket teeth.

Currently,as the top manufacturer and exporter of forged bucket teeth in China,we are now exporting such forged replacements for both large brand excavator manufacturers and bucket teeth distributors all over the world.To improve the properties of forged bucket teeth,we always suggest our customer to select good wear resistance forging material like 42CrMo.And heat treatment will also help to improve the hardness of products.
custom steel forgingForging is a different metal forming process compared to casting(refer to differences between forging and casting).Forging is the manufacturing process  that heated billet is pressed under great pressure to achieve desired shape.After forging,the grain structure will be refined and the mechanical properties(strength,ductility and toughness) will be improved.So that is why hot forging process is always used for custom metal parts.

In this process,forged steel is the most applicated material for its special properties.Such products are all made from our clients' drawing or sample,so we call this custom steel forging.Due to different material grades and product structures,prices of custom steel forging will be different.
forged steel lunette ringLunette ring is the ideal product for heavy duty application, no matter in agricultural or construction machinery. To obtain good working performance, such lunette ring is always required by our clients with forged steel. Forged steel lunette ring will perfectly couple with a pintle hitch. This type product is designed for a channel mount assembling.

Take the lunette ring in the photo for example, this forged steel lunette right can bear a weight capacity of 24,000 pounds. The ring will be assembled into an channel bracket with 4 holes design. And the adjustable channel bracket allows users to change the height of forged steel lunette ring that deponds on the actual needs. Besides, lunette ring will be screwed to channel bracket by mounting hardware, which will be very strong and durable. And then, the channel bracket will be welded to the trailer for towing. So, to be more conveninent, we can also custom the channel mount and hardware together, and assemling service can be also provided in our factory.
In our factory,tub grinder tips/teeth is made by drop forging process.Drop forging techinics can forge out tub grinder teeth in high accuracy,high quality and high strength.

Tub grinder teeth/tips,are the wear parts that designed for tub grinders.Most common required material for the grinder teeth in our company is Chinese material 42CrMo.Such wear-resistant material will help to longer the working life of teeth when it works.And we can also do heat treatment after forging to improve the mechanical properties of products,which will be stronger,more durable.Compared with casted grinder teeth,quality of forged grinder teeth will much better,you will no need to worry about inner defects and bad surface.What's more,the price is also more competitive.
forged flail mover clevisClevis is also one of the most important part for the assembling of flail movers,which acts as the connection job between the flail mover blades and rotating horozontal drum.Such flail clevis in our factory is made by closed die forging process.

As a professional forging factory,like forged flail hammer,we can custom such flail mover clevis according to clients' drawings or samples,no matter what kind of shape and material specifications,we can all meet your demands.So,if you are in the flail mover industry,and have the purchasing plan for flail clevis,pls do not hesitate to contact us.

CFS company is specialized in supplying forged flail hammers in different sizes.In Eourpean&American market,most popular materials used in forged flail hammers are 42CrMo and 65Mn.By comparision,the price of 65Mn of forged hammers may be more competitive than that of 42CrMo.But as 65Mn belongs to spring steel,it will be very hard to forge flail hammers to final shape.Besides,to meet good durability,heat treatment(normally Quenching&Tempering) will be done to meet hardness 48-52HRC).And surface treatment of such products can be colour painting(yellow/black) or zinc plating,it mainly deponds on the demand of application.
torsion armTorsion axles are made for a variety of towable applications including RVs, utility trailers, horse and livestock trailers and dump and heavy equipment trailers, argicultural equipments, etc. Our axle assemblies are traceable down to the exact production run and original component lot number. One of the main torsion alex is the torsion arm.To ensure enough strength and good quailty, such torsion arm is designed in closed die forging process. The forging process adds strength to the torsion arms allowing it to twist back and forth over the lifecycle of the vehicle.

Forged torsion arm will make torsion alex more stable and work longer. Material of torsion arm is steel, CFS Drop Forge manufactures torsion arms in a variety of shapes and sizes for several different applications. CFS' torsion arm forgings are made with minimal parting lines and can be eliminated completely. Pls send us your torsion arm drawing and we will be happy to send a quote for you.
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