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Forged Steel Valve Components

The past few years have seen a shift towards the use of forged steel, in particular for valves used in critical and severe
service applications, such as oil industry, chemical industry, power industry, energe industry, etc. All forging processes start with a solid piece of metal or ingot that is forged into shape with hammers or presses. 

There are a lot of benefits in drop forging process:
  • Less material waste as less re-working is necessary (valve components is forged into shape out of one solid piece/ingot);
  • Due to the immense pressures involved in the manufacturing process, forging process reduces surface porosity and closes up internal cavities and voids. This enables forged valves to retain their structural integrity, resulting in a mechanically stronger and more durable product (higher ductility and tensile strength);
  • Flexibility of the forged material being manufactured to the intermediate rating.This has less wall thickness for enhanced performance due to thermal cycle fatigue with 9Cr-1Mo material - less wall thickness has a smaller temperature gradient which requires less time for material thickness to reach equilibrium, and is therefore less prone to thermal fatigue. This offers a robust solution for power plants which cycle through startup and phase-down on a daily basis;
  • Forged material can be machined to meet specific design conditions using intermediate ratings. This offers end users and asset owners another alternative and can be used in both valve castings and forgings. With the use of an intermediate rating, a lighter weight valve can be produced that can be more suitable to cycle duties. The lighter weight valve is able to reduce the heating/cooling stresses as the units cycle on and off,  particularly as thinner wall components can heat and cool more quickly, resulting in fewer thermal stresses.
  • See more advantages of forged steel valve components over cast ones.
Common forged steel valve components we are offering:
  • Forged steel valve body
  • Forged steel valve bonnet
  • Forge steel gland flange
  • Other forged steel valve components
Testing for forged steel valve components

While defects in forged steel valve components are rare, they occasionally occur, so except for material testing and dimensional testing, specific nondestructive testing procedures are designed to detect those defects. These tests include magnetic particle examination and dye penetrant examination for the detection of surface defects and ultrasonic inspection for the detection of volumetric (internal) flaws. Most often, minute, very shallow cracks and laps are the surface defects found. Meanwhile, the interior defect most frequently seen is a flow-through crack or seam resulting from a defect in the original bar or billet.

Forged Steel Valve Components Manufacturers & Exporters  

Issued with API certification, CFS Forge is reputed manufacturers and exporters of forged steel blanks for high pressure valves products (gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, etc) in Ningbo, China. We are manufacturing forged steel valve components from high grade raw materials, such as A105, SS304, SS316, etc. We are manufacturing high quality forged steel valve components in different sizes, shapes, design and also manufacturing as per customer's design. And all valves are well tested using latest valves technologies. We export over forged steel valves products to countries all over the world.

Good post. I am glad to hear that forged steel valves are becoming more popular in the industrial sector. It's great to know that there are so many benefits associated with them, and I'm happy to see your company is getting recognition for their products. 
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