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Flail Mover Clevis

Clevis is also one of the most important part for the assembling of flail movers, which acts as the connection job between the flail mover blades and rotating horozontal drum(see below picture). Such flail clevis in our factory is made by closed die forging process.flail clevis assemling
The flail mover clevis belongs to steel forgings. To make the clevis stronger and reach better hardness, the flail clevis can be heat treated after forging. Material of flail mover clevis will be decided according to the specification from our clients, we can custom such clevis with any common materials.

Like other forged parts, clevis dies/moulds will be also required before forging, usually we will make two pairs of dies, one is forging dies (made up of upper and lower dies), the other is trimming dies (used to remove the flash after forging). But if the shape is not good as the drawing required, then we may still require a pair of flat die, to ensure perfect shape or dimensions. The key of such forged clevis is the two holes that will be used to assemble the blot. The hole dimensions must be perfect fitted with the bolt diameter. The blot holes can be rough machined after forging for better assembling, but in this way, the extra machining cost will be charged.
forged flail mover clevis
As a professional forging factory, like forged flail hammer, we can customize such flail mover clevis according to clients' drawings or samples, no matter what kind of shape and material specifications, we can all meet your demands. So, if you are in the flail mover industry, and have the purchasing plan for flail clevis, pls do not hesitate to contact us.

Sir iam a manufacturer of this product and we produce this product on a regular basis so please give us a chance to work with you and we specialise in forging product with best quality and cheapest prices
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