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Drop Forged Torque Rod Bush for Trailer Truck

Torque rod bushes, also known as torque rod bushings, truck torque rod bushes and truck torque rods or torque rods, helps in preventing the axle's housing from twisting when you apply brakes or give acceleration. And for this, torque rod majorly depends on the torque rod bushes installed in the vehicle which provides it with a cushioning effect. As a result of this, the bushings cushion the joints and prevent tremors/ shocks that are transferred from tires to the chassis while your vehicle is on the move.

Toque rod bushes are very important components of automotive and engineering, responsible for reduction of engine vibrations that are felt while driving a vehicle. These bushes are mostly used in heavy vehicles such as trucks, heavy trucks, and more. Hence, such bushings are also known as truck torque rod bushes or heavy truck torque rod bushes.

Why Drop Forging Torque Rod Bush for Trailer Truck?

Drop Forged Torque Rod Bush for Trailer Truck

The closed die drop forging process creates torque rod bush that are much stronger than those manufactured by any other metalworking process. This is why forgings are almost always used where reliability and safety are critical.

Material used of torque rod bush can be 1045 steel, or other required material. CFS Forge has a series of round bars in various specification in stock for manufacturing. To ensure good quality, all the raw material are from domestic top leading material factories. Material certification can be provided together with torque rod bush forgings.

Simply introduction of closed die forging process: Selecting equal specification bars in stock, and cutting them into required length by sawing machine. Heat them to a certain temperature by heating furnace (medium frequency furnace). Next, place them under forging dies and press in few seconds for desired shape. Finally, remove the flash and shot blasting to final dimensions. In most cases, machining will be done after forging.

Advantages of forged torque rod bush:
  • Greater strength to weight ratio
  • Better fatigue resistance
  • Continuous grain flow
  • Reliable and consistent quality.
CFS Forge are experts in the design, manufacture and testing of forged torque rod bush to exacting specifications.

At our Ningbo, China based facility, we use the latest steel forging technology and equipments to produce the highest quality torque rod bush forgings for our clients.

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