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Advantages of Steel Forging

Steel forging is a metal forming process of shaping metals using the compressive force. The steel forging process is a bifurcated depending on the temperature at which it is preformed. Steel forging helps in shaping of the molten metal onto desired shape and size. It is one of the essiontial techniques in industry that are majorly reliant on machineries. Steel forging has gone simpler with the time. Main classifications of steel forging are carbon steel forging, alloy steel forging, stainless steel forging.

The traditional ways of steel forging lacks in various aspects. From being low on durability to prone to corrosion, there are numerous drawbacks. Metal enforced with steel can go a long way in terms of durability and evading corrsion. Closed die forgings for precison components are high on tensile strength. The imposed metals are used in the forging process of disc and sleeves that make cost conscious and quality product.

The main advantages of steel forging are as follow:

*Economical: The process uses material economically and large amount of material is saved.

*Impact strength: The parts manufacturered can virtually cope up with the stress, load and impact.

*Product Efficiency: Using steel forging process can result in production of many different sizes. Products that are more flexible and more efficiently can be produced.

Steel forgings are used in myriad of high stress and high wear applications because of the high level strength of the material. It is used in gear blanks, shafting, railroads parts, automotive components and transmission covers. The process serves vast market of shell and tube heat exchanger fabricators, pipeline equipment manufacturers, mining and highway equipments.

Quality and accuracy have to be the prime consideration of forging metals. As a good steel forging manufacturer, we are now improving ourselves to be top steel forging company for closed die forgings in China. Contact us for your steel forging for quoting first!

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