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How to Improve the Lead Time of Drop Forgings?

For large demands of drop forgings in different industries, it will be a hurry for drop forging company to reach lead time promised to customers before placing orders. So what purchasers cared about is not only price, but also lead time is also very important for them, especially for seasonal drop forgings. Take agricultural parts for example, for its worn of original parts, farmers have to purchase agricultural replacements in advance from the tillage tools dealers so that there will be no delay for next harvest. For these dealers, to maximize their profit, they will choose to  purchase drop forgings from China. Besides, they will also be concerned about the lead time, otherwise, it will bring great loss to them if drop forgings are finished beyond their estimated lead time. So today we would like to take about how to improve the lead time of drop forgings.

First of all, before production, we need to confirm whether we have the right material specification in stock, if not, choose to order material from the nearest material factory, so that we could start production in the shortest time. Next, first arrange mold making, then drop forge the metal parts, overtime working may be available at this period for large quantities. Meanwhile, quality must be ensured. Of course, our customer also need to match up with us to arrange payment in advance, thus we could pack and send out products timely. Finally, delivery way is also a consideration for us, we could suggest our customer to using air freight if it is really urgent. In this way, i believe it will be ok to deliver drop forgings on time.

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