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forged fittingsDrop Forging is a processing method by use of forging press put pressure on metal blanks,making it produce plastic deformation in order to obtain certain mechanical properties,a certain shape and sizes.Forging can eliminate the as-cast loose defect produced during metal smelting process,and optimize the microstructure.Meanwhile because of the intact metal flow,the mechanical properties of forging will be better than that of castings in same material.

Main forged fittings include:elbow,flange,tee,union,coupling,cap,ect.

Main standard:American standard ANSI,German standard DIN,Janpanese standard JIS and Chinese GB/T,ect.
drop forging solutionQ:I have a drawing design for steel metal parts,and it is used for automotive application.Now i am wondering which process i should choose to use.Is drop forging best solution for steel parts production?

When we have such doubt or similar,just pls analyze the processes we may choose.Why use drop forging?Forging and casting are two very different manufacturing methods. When something is cast,the material is heated above its melting temperature and poured into a mold where it solidifies.When something is drop forged it is physically forced into shape while remaining in a solid state– although it is frequently heated.Below is our testing result on if drop forging is the best solution for steel parts production: 
why use drop forgingForging,casting,machining and welding fabrication are the four main metal forming technologies.So why use drop forging?Here we discuss this issue in detail in side of design,economy,environment,quality,material,application,ect.So that you could have a deeper understanding of drop forging.

Drop forged components make possible designs that accommodate the highest loads and stresses.Recent advances in drop forging technology have greatly increased the range of properties available in steel forgings.To the designer,the structural integrity of forgings means safety factors based on material that will respond predictably to its environment without costly special processing to correct for internal defects.
closed die forgingClosed die forging,also called impression die forging,involves the pressing or hammering of preformed metal blanks into a set of dies shaped as a three dimensional negative of the part to be produced.In closed die forging the hammer and anvil fully enclose the workpiece,forcing the metal to fill all areas of the die.Closed die forging can produce a nearly limitless variety of 3-D shapes, and is capable of producing complex parts with tight tolerances.

Closed die forging is distinct from open die forging, in which the die only comes into contact with part of the workpiece at a time.Initial costs for developing the processes and tooling for closed die forging can be quite high,but it is the most cost-effective forging method for high volume production,since recurring costs for each part are very low.In addition,closed die forging is capable of producing both symmetrical and non-symmetrical parts. Materials that frequently undergo closed die forging processes include high alloy steel, naval brass,carbon steel,aluminum,alloy metals,stainless steel,copper, nickel,tool steel and titanium.Closed die forgings are used particularly often by industries such as electronics,aerospace,automotive,commercial,manufacturing,semiconductor,construction,hardware and food processing.
drop forging drawingWe all know that drop forging is just a metal forming technology working according to the drawings.So drawing design is the first step to make a metal part.Such drawing is normally designed with computer softwares like DXF,Parasolid,Step,Iges,Solidworks,Catia, Pro-Engineer,ect.Usually a drawing consists of drawing number,material,unit weight,dimensions,tolerances,notes,ect.All these factors must be exactly marked in the drawing so that drop forging companies could customize the right part you need.Of course,samples could also be offered if drawing is not available.

Drawing number
Drawing number is used to name a drop forging part so that we could check the part accordingly.In most cases,the drawing number(such as FLY151006) is made up of letter and numbers(letters could be the abbreviation of company namer,numbers could be the date or product serial number).When communicate with our customers,both of us will know which one we are talking about.And for next order,purchaser will just advise the drawing number in the PO.
agricultural machineryWith the development of economy,it has come true that mechanized production is now applied in agriculture.In the past,people have to plant crops by labour,which cost them much time and energy.Nowadays,we just need to finish all the works by agricultural machines,such as tractor,cultivator,chisel plow,air seeder,harvester,ect.

Agricultural machinery is one of the main industries we served for drop forging products.With over 10 years experience in exporting agricultural wear parts to overseas market,like Spain,Italy,UK,ect,Fly now could offer a completed forging solution for agricultural needs including product design,drop forged dies making,forging,machining,heat treatment,surface finish,assembling,package,delivery,ect.We now have the most advanced production lines in China,could serve agricultural forgings in different specifications so that it could fit for all machines.All our agricultural drop forgings are made for agricultural equipment manufacturers or agricultural wear parts dealers.
medium frequency induction heating furnaceMedium frequency induction heating furnace is a kind of power supply device that change power frequency 50 HZ alternating into intermediate frequency (above 300 HZ and 20 k HZ) , rectificate the three-phase alternating current (ac) power frequency into direct current, then change direct current into adjustable intermediate frequency electric current, supply intermediate frequency alternating current flowing by the capacitor and inductor,then generate high density magnetic field lines in the induction coil,produce a lot of eddy current in the metal materials.Medium frequency induction heating furnace is widely used in drop forging production now.
drop forging history In China,there is a long history of drop forging,it is a continuation of the manual workshop production way.Perhaps at the beginning of the 20th century, with the invasion of the imperialist powers and the qing dynasty's westernization movement, it gradually appears in machinery industrial production mode in railway, armaments factories, shipbuilding and other industries. The main sign of this shift is using the powerful forging capacity machines.In the 1950s,we can steel see steam hammer, electric pneumatic hammer, steam pressure hydraulic press made in  English, Japanese, German and other countries working in the factory of China.

In 1967,the first machinery industry ministry presided the nationwide "drop forging industry technology symposium", at the meeting first time speaking and recommended many European and American technology and equipments,and each of the participants get a beautifully printed,injustice to develop the foreign forging equipment atlas and visited the research progress in military colleges and universities. Despite the "cultural revolution" has already begun,people'pursuing the spirit of science and technology progress has not been fully beat,the drop forging industry was still improving in the 70 s,such as to produce the double column drop-down type hydraulic press, hydraulic die forging hammer, etc.It is a pity that these equipments did not play a much role in production,gradually withdrawn.In the 80s,after the implementation of the "reform and opening up" in our country,from quality to quantity,drop forging industry has a new development of comprehensive.
sharpen stump grinder teethWhen it comes to stump grinder teeth,then we must ensure that they are sharp enough,so that it can grinde out the stump of trees easily.Removing trees will be helpful to finish the landscaping for a smooth, level area. It also helps to stop roots growing.When the stump grinder teeth are dull,the machine will not cut efficiently into the stump.This can cause damage to the stump grinder or injury to the operator. It is best to keep the teeth sharp through grinding.

Step 1: Remove Spark Plug
The best way to ensure that you are not hurt by some mysterious accident is to remove the spark plug from the stump grinder. This way, you will not need to worry about someone accidentally starting the stump grinder while you are working on the teeth. 
For large demands of drop forgings in different industries,it will be a hurry for drop forging company to reach lead time promised to customers before placing orders.So what purchasers cared about is not only price,but also lead time is also very important for them,especially for seasonal drop forgings.Take agricultural parts for example,for its worn of original parts,farmers have to purchase agricultural replacements in advance from the tillage tools dealers so that there will be no delay for next harvest.For these dealers,to maximize their profit,they will choose to  purchase drop forgings from China.Besides,they will also be concerned about the lead time,otherwise,it will bring great loss to them if drop forgings are finished beyond their estimated lead time.So today we would like to take about how to improve the lead time of drop forgings.
Both drop forging and casting process are all the metal forming process used in production of metal components for different industries.Sometimes,a metal parts can be made in casting and drop forging at the same time,but by contrast,peoper prefer drop forging process for its advantages,then why drop forging is better than casting?

Drop forgings are stronger. Casting cannot obtain the strengthening effects of hot and cold working. Drop forging surpasses casting in predictable strength properties - producing superior strength that is assured, part to part.

Drop forging refines defects from cast ingots or continuous cast bar. A casting has neither grain flow nor directional strength and the process cannot prevent formation of certain metallurgical defects. Preworking forge stock produces a grain flow oriented in directions requiring maximum strength. Dendritic structures, alloy segregation's and like imperfections are refined in drop forging.
Automotive industry covers a wide range of companies that involved in the design,manufacture,selling of automotive parts.It is estimated that there are over 20,000 parts in a car.All these components are made in different processes,like casting,forging,welding,stamping,machining,ect.So it is a large project to make a whole car.

Drop forging method is being used in the production of many spare parts for a large number of industries.Here the role of our company is to customize some main forged components for automotive industry.It takes us about 30% share to manufacture auto parts.There are two different methods to heat the materials before forging.One is to heat the material in the furnace up to a certain temperature that material could be drop forged easily.The other way is to heat with induction,which is a preferred solution for its energy and time-saving.