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Make Your Parts in Steel Forged?

Case: "I need steel forged window fasteners and stays for casement windows. Traditionally, they are made in brass but due to cost, i need to make in steel forged. I buy around 100,000 pcs every year. If you have whatsapp,i can send pictures ofthe brass sample so you can see if possible in steel". One day, a customer emailed us for making his metal window fasteners in steel forged process instead of brass forged. In the term of material cost, brass is much more expensive than steel, so that is why our customer has the plan to change product material. This is one of the typical cases that steel forged in more popular than brass forged as the forging process.

One of the most popular forms of forged metal is steel forged. Forged steel is an often used metal for forging because it is a very sturdy steel that can withstand the high heat that is required by the forging machine to make the metal malleable enough to shape.The metal is warmed to a high degree of heat because when you drop forge metals the metal is placed in the machine and a hammer press slams down onto the metal, forcing it against the die. The heated malleability of the metal combined with the force of the hammer shoving the metal against the die usually makes shaping forged steel relatively easy. Because of this ease of shaping the sheets of metal can be processed into their required shapes pretty quickly.

Thus, we can see that steel forged products will not only give you a price advantage, but also the properties are also quite reliable. As a steel forged manufacturer in China, we can make all kinds of different steel forgings as you need. Just contact us right now for your steel forged parts, we will advise in a most cost-effective way for your products.
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Wonderful information and added insight:

I have a component in which I am seeking the ability to produce it effectively, efficiently, and with the utmost in quality, while staying cost considerate.

It is a wall bracket and the dimensions are as follows:

27mm (0.55") W x 30.35mm (1.19") D x 457.20mm (18") Long

The overall design is somewhat simplistic with an integrated rear rail system, a curved front profile and 2 channels which run the entire length of the bracket.

Other added features include:
1. (6) 7mm tapped openings for an M10 x 1.5 bolt
2. (17) 5mm openings (non-threaded) positioned at 1" on center starting from the top to the bottom, with (2) 5mm half holes at either end.
3. (2) hollowed out recesses exist to lessen weight / material
4. Lastly, the center has an oval shaped design which starts at the 101.60mm location and ends at the 355.60mm position, while gradually opening towards the rear of the bracket until it reaches center point.

Most of the edges are chamfered (slight round edge) as well.

Stainless Steel would be nice but realize Alloy may be the winning material. Will depend on cost.

Finished product will be cladded in chrome or black chrome.

I realize this is a lot of information and welcome to providing further clarity as and when needed.

This item, when finished will be shipping predominately to the U.S. and potentially globally in time.

What I do not know are monthly- annual yield rates presently. Right now working to acquire what it will require to facilitate a drop forge application to producing this component.

Yes, there are other components but do not know if they would meet the parameters of a drop forge application. However, if those components are of interest, do let me know.

Thank you.

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