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Application of Closed Die Forging

According to the advantages of closed die forging, it has become one of the main metal forming processes in modern manufacturing. For its wide range of material specifications and shapes, closed die forging can be useful for lots of metal components, such as components for aeroplane, cars and heavy trucks, shipbuilding, ect.
With the characteristics of closed die forging, we can make precision components with different wall thickness, complex shapes, narrow tolerance. And we are all equipped with full range of machining equipments, so machining is also feasible in our company. Maybe sometimes you could also consider casting process instead, but by comparison, there are both price advantages and quality advantages over casting, we will no need to worry about production defect.

The motivation that encourage many purchasers to change original production process into closed die forging is that forging can offer better surface finish with good quality, also the price is competitive. We could use closed die forging for below application:

Automotive application: connecting rod, control arm, rock arm, axle beams, axle shafts, idler arms, steering yokes, ect.
Construction machinery: excavator bucket teeth, ect.
Mining industry: ground foundation bits, auger bits, ect.
Agriculture application: gears, shafts, spike harrow teeth, tie rod ends, ect.
Oilfield application: elbow, hammer union nuts, tee, cross, ect.
Other applications for defense industry, aeroplane industry, ect...

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