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Economic Advantages of Closed Die Forging

Closed die forging is commonly used in nowadays for many improtant metal components. On one hand, is that it can product metal products with good properties. On the other hand, the price of closed die forging is also competitive than casting. In other words, closed die forging also has economic advantages.


Before forging, we will first need to cut the equal billet according to the size of products. Normally, the waste of material after forging is the flash. So comparing with casting or machining, closed die forging requires less material, thus material cost will be saved. Take a round ring for example, we can make it by forging or machining. If machining, the all corner and the center material will be wasted. But with forging, we can forged to the sizes with minimum waste.


Economic advantages can also be shown in machining side. Unlike other metal forming processes, forging can obtain net shape or near net shape products in good surface finish and tighter tolerances, which will require less or no machining. So we can see closed die forging also have economic advantage for less or no machining.

Low Rejection Rate

It is common that there will be inside defects in casting as castings are formed by pouring liquid metals in the mold to desired shape. But as closed die forging is a forging process that pressing the heated billets by upper and lower forging dies, which will make grain flow of metal inside. So the mechanical properties of closed die forging parts will be rather good, and there will be no internal defects unless the quality if raw material is not good. So the rejection rate will be quite low, which will also bring economic advantage.

High Production Efficiencies

Using the closed die forging process, the same part can be produced from many different sizes of starting ingots or billets, allowing for a wider variety of inventoried grades. This flexibility means that forged parts of virtually any grade can be manufactured more quickly and economically.

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