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Understanding Drop Forging Factory

1) Due to the high quality of drop forgings, the quality control system and process discipline in the drop forging factory are relatively strict, and the quality control means are also relatively complete. The quality control is mainly reflected in three links. Firstly, the raw materials are reinspected to check whether their chemical composition and physical properties meet the technical requirements. Secondly, strictly supervise the production process to meet the quality requirements. Thirdly, check and accept the finished drop forging according to the quality standard.

In drop forging factory, the composition of the central laboratory is relatively complete, which not only undertakes the above tasks, but also undertakes fault analysis and limited scientific research work of drop forgings.

Almost all the testing jobs are done in the workshop, including: in-process and final dimension inspection of drop forgings, visual inspection of surface quality, hardness inspection, ultrasonic inspection and material brand resolution inspection, etc. The quality supervision in the production process includes: 
  • The inspection of the temperature and uniformity of the heating furnace 
  • Proofread temperature control instrument and electric couple
  • Split the fuel composition
  • Composition analysis of protective atmosphere in furnace
  • Lubricant composition analysis
  • Oil composition analysis
  • Composition and performance analysis of coatings
  • Inspection of coating and coating thickness
  • Check the particle size of cleaning abrasive and sand
These inspection methods here are generally also attached to the workshop of drop forging factory. The calibration and maintenance of inspection instruments and equipments used in the central laboratory and workshop of the factory shall be carried out regularly by the drop forging factory or the superior metrology institution.

The production process discipline of drop forgings must be strict, especially for forged steel aumotive parts . Once the process rules are determined, they must be strictly implemented and cannot be modified without approval. This is another aspect of quality supervision in the workshop. In view of the above requirements, there are many inspectors in the drop forging plant. Depending on the composition and nature of the workshop, inspectors shall be approximately 5% of the total workshop workforce.

2) Caused by the variety and shape of drop forgings, there are many types of drop forging methods and equipments, including not only forging presses, but also blanking machine, heating furnace, heat treatment furnace, cleaning machine, chemical treatment and testing equipments. 

3) Due to the complex shape of drop forgings, the workload of drop forgings is large, and most forgings can only be formed by twice forging. In addition, due to low material plasticity and high probability of surface defects of drop forgings, the workload of cleaning and dressing forgings is also large. Moreover, there are many forging items and many molds, so the replacement and adjustment of molds during production will consume a lot of auxiliary production time. As a result, compared with other metal forming processes, the drop forging factory has lower productivity, larger labor requirements, larger warehouse area, and higher forgings cost and energy consumption indicators.

(4) Due to a large number of drop forging items, small batch and short replacement cycle of products, it is difficult to implement large-scale mechanization or automation in drop forging factories due to the large number of general equipments, less dedicated and efficient equipments. However, it is perfectly feasible to reduce heavy manual labor by partial or single-machine mechanization.

(5) Drop forging factory should consider not only the requirements of large quantities, but also the requirements of small quantities or even individual pieces. Therefore, in the design, they should try to deal with the problem of maintaining the economy of production under the constant change of output.

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