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Aluminum Forging of Tee

Tee is also called pipe fitting tee or tee pipe fitting, tee joint, etc. It is mainly used to change the fluid direction, as in a branch of a main pipe. It can be sorted by pipe diameter. Tee can be made in various materials, such as carbon steel, cast steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy, plastic, argon rubbed li, PVC and so on.

Aluminum Forging Process For Tee

aluminum forging of tee

Utilizing the plasticity of the aluminum alloy, the forgings with required shape, size and certain microstructure properties can be obtained by shaping deformation with the help of external forces. After forging with aluminum alloys, we can achieve good strength, uniform structure and no internal pores. Besides, T6 heat treatment and anodic oxidation can be operated to improve its mechanical properties and avoid oxidation. Below are the main process of forging tee:

Billet Cutting
Most of the raw materials used for forging aluminum tees are aluminum bars. Before forging, cut the raw materials into the required length of blank material, which is called blanking. As the cost of raw materials generally accounts for 50 ~ 70% of the production cost, so it is necessary for aluminum forging company to calculate the weight of aluminum billets exactly. 

Note: Excess aluminum alloy will result in waste and aggravate mold wear and energy consumption. But if the material is too little, this will increase the difficulty of aluminum forging operation and increase the rejection rate of forgings. 

Aluminum Forging
As aluminum forging of tee is a hot forging operation, so heating aluminum billet before forging is needed. It is important for aluminum forging manufacurer to use good heating furnace with even heating temperature. Higher or lower temperature will all be easy to cause surface defects after forging. Of course, there are also other factors to consider during hot forging process. After heating, place the aluminum billet into lower die and press it under high pressure, then we can see a solid tee with flash around. Then remove the flash to achieve net shape tee. Next, heat treatment the aluminum forged tee under T6 condition.

Machining & Surface Treatment
To ensure assembly for pipes, machining is require to achieve closer tolerances and better surface finish such as Ra3.2. Machining for threaded holes would be done for pipe connecting. Besides machining, surface treatment such as anodization treatment or mechanical polishing can be considered to improve the surface finish of forged tee.

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