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Custom Cheap Drop Forgings from China

In recent years, more and more companies are used to manufacturing drop forgings from China. Then why do they like to do that? The most attractive point is that they can buy high quality production with low price. Normally, it is about 50%-60% cheaper to custom drop forging productions from Chinese drop forging companies than that of developed countries. Nowadays, for the improving of drop forging process, customers do not need to worry about quality problem. Take our company for example, to meet customers' demands of drop forging products in all applications, we are now equiped with ISO9001:2008, TS16949, API certifications. And we could not only supply drop forging blanks, but also machining can be provided also, so that we could custom finished drop forging products to our customers.

Below is a comprehensive discussion about why it is cheap to custom drop forgings from China:

Cheaper raw material

To start drop forging production,we must purchase drop forging materials first. In China, raw material of drop forging products is much cheaper than that of Eourpean and American countries. As long term customer of material factory, they can offer us high quality materials with low price. And to ensure production, we will always order material in advance.

Low labour cost

Although, the labour cost is keep rising in recent 10 years for lack of worker. Comparing with developed countries, it is also much cheaper to hire a worker to produce drop forging products.

Good export policy by China government

To keep fiscal revenue of Chinese government, it have been a policy that all the Chinese enterprises must pay taxes to our government on a regular basis. To encourage domesitic companies to exporting products to overseas market, China government makes it a rule that part of taxes can be reduced for exporting enterprises. So, many drop forging compaines prefer to do business with overseas companies, even if the price competition is intense.

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