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Drop Forging Capabilities in Our Company

We all know that drop forging is the oldest and most widely applied metal parts forming process. Around 75% of metal parts are drop forged. That is because drop forging process can not only avoid product defects, but also meet good wear resistance and high impact and strong strength, which is most suitable for woodmulching, mining and crushing industries.

Drop forging can be applied in actual production as most steel specifications are feasible. We can forge not only carbon steel, alloy steel, but also stainless steel in desired shapes with the fuction of forging dies and presses. Currently we can forge a variety of materials like Q235, 45#, 42CrMo, SS304, ect. For uncommon used materials, we can also order from material factory, only if the quantity is not too small.

Now there are 7 production lines of closed die drop forging in our factory with forging presses ranging from 300t to 2500t. All these forging presses can be used to forge products in different dimensions. From the point of most people's view, the tooling cost of drop forging is higher than casting tooling. It is without doubt that forging cost more due to its nature and advantages. But in spite of this, you get what you pay, it is rewarding. Our production capabilities are not limited to drop forging, but also machining is also one of our advantages. To serve our customers better, we are also equiped with some machining equipments from drilling machine to CNC, so that machining can be done in our company.

Besides, our in-house heat treatment will also help us to offer you our competitive prices. So comparing with other forging factories and trading compaines, we are always your top and wide choice for drop forging products. Any interest in such process, just pls contact us!

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