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Why Drop Forging is Hot Forging?

There are different types of forgings, drop forging (closed die forging and open die forging), cold forging, samless rolled ring forging. So forging can generally divided into hot forging and cold forging. Cold forging is a forging process mufacturing in room temperature, however hot forging is a forging process in high temperature, so it is also referred to as drop forging. We can use hot forging to produce a wide range of parts in most metals. So we may be wondering why drop forging is hot forging, not cold forging(cold forging vs warm forging vs hot forging)?
hot forging
*As cold forging require less machining work, so manufacturers may prefer cold other than hot forging process. But under cold forging process, only simple shapes can be shaped in high volumes. So if our customer asks for a certain customized parts, we have to use hot drop forging.

*At metal billet heated by medium frequency induction heating furnace, it will be forged at very high temperature (up to 1150 °C  for forged steel), in order to avoid strain hardening of the metal during deformation.
drop forging heated by medium frequency furnace
*Hot forged components possess increased ductility which makes them desirable for many configurations. Also, as a technique hot forging is more flexible than cold forging, since customized parts can be manufactured. The excellent surface quality allows a wide range of finishing work as polishing, coating or painting, tailored to customers’ specific needs.

*Drop forged parts after hot forging will also help to release internal stress and improve the strength and other properties, so it is widely accepted to custom steel forgings both at home and abroad.

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