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Common Closed Die Forging Terms

In forging industry, there are some professional terms which are defined to describe the forging process or operations. Below we picked out some common terms when used in closed die forging process.

1) Forging die: It may be referred to a complete tool consists of a pair of mating members for producing work by hammer or press. A pair of forging dies consists of upper and lower die halves with cavities. 

2) Billet: A slug cut from rod ready to be heated and forged. 

3) Blocker: Preform die or impression, used when part cannot be made in a single operation. 

4) Cavity: The impression in upper and lower die. 

5) Draft Angle: The taper on a vertical surface to facilitate the easy removal of the forging from the die or punch. Internal draft angles are larger (7°-10°), whereas external draft angles are smaller (3°-5°). 

6) Fillet: It is a small radius provided at corners of die cavity to ensure proper and smooth flow of material into die cavity. It helps to improve die life by reducing rapid die wear. 

7) Flash: The excess metal that flows out between the upper and lower dies which is required to accomplish a desired forging shape. 

8) Gutter: A slight depression surrounding the cavity in the die to relieve pressure and control flash flow. 

9) Parting Line: The location on the forging where excess material in the form of flash is allowed to exit from the forging during the forging operation. 

10) Shrinkage: The contraction that occurs when a forging cools. 

11) Sink: To cut an impression in a die. 

12) Web: The thin section of metal remaining at bottom of a cavity or depression in a forging. The web may be removed by piercing or machining. 

13) Die Closure: Refers to the function of closing together the upper and lower members of a forge die during the process of actually producing a forging.

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