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Factors that affect the cost of a closed die forging part?

Closed die forging cost is the cost that buyers who would like to choose closed die forging as their metal forming process for its superior advantages.Closed die forging process will make products in high strength and good properties.And there will require less or no machining with no defects and good surface finish.Our PO PROCEDURE will guide you how to buy closed die forgings from our company.Below are the main factors that will greatly affect the cost of a closed die forging product:
  • Tooling/die cost--As the forging is "closed die",not"open die"(see the differences between closed die forging and open die forging),so a set of upper and lower dies will be designed and produced first before start forging process.To achieve high precision products,such dies must be machined from tool steel block with cnc machines.Normally it will cost about 7-10 working days to finish closed die forging dies.And the tooling/die cost will depond on the product structure and dimensions,normally at 2000usd-4000usd.
  • Drawing available--Sometimes purchasers only have samples and could not provide drawings.In this case,plotting drawing with CMM will be required.But the cost will be paid by purchasers,normally at 200usd.
  • Material--Material is a important factor that affects the cost of closed die forging parts.Although all the closed die forgings are made in our company is steel forgings,there will still exist price different in diferent steel specification.Normally stainless steel material is much expensive than alloy steel and carbon steel,so you will notice that cost of stainless steel forgings is high.And in different time,material cost will also be different according to the market.
  • Weight--Normally,weight of a product using closed die forging process will be marked in the drawing.If there is no information about weight from customer's drawings,our engineers could also calculate the weight using 3D software(such as Solidworks,Pro-e,UG,ect).And if the product need to be machined,then we will also need to calculate the weight of forging blanks.And we are more professional in manufacturing closed die forgings ranging from 0.2kg-30kg.Cost of closed die forging blank is calculated by the forging blank weight.
  • Machining--To ensure assembling of products,if product after closed die forging is beyond the tolerance required,we will do machining.Machining cost will mainly be afftected according to the precision requirement of products.For normal tolerance that closed die forging can not reach,digital lathe can be done.But if the toletances are quite tight,we will have to reach by cnc machine.Of couse,the tigher the tolerance of a closed die forging part,the higher the machining cost will be.
  • Heat treatment--Heat treatment will help to achieve better mechanical properties after closed die forging process.Main heat treatment processes include:normalization,quenching,tempering,hardening,ect.There will produce different effects for each heat treatment process.We usually check the heat treatment cost according to the weight of products.
  • Surface treatment--According to the usage of products,there maybe requirment of surface treatment.Common surface treatment are:painting,powder coating,zinc plating,galvanization,mirror polishing,ect.Surface treatment will also be taken into account in the cost of a closed die forging part.
  • Package--In most cases,we just pack the products with standard wooden case and inserted plactic bags.For closed die forging parts with special usage,our customers will have high requirment on the package,such requirements include using small cartons,mark logo outside the cartons.This will without doubt add the cost of a closed die forging part.
Informative breakdown! Understanding the factors influencing closed die forging costs is crucial for optimizing both budget and quality. From material selection to intricacy of design, each aspect plays a pivotal role in achieving cost-effective yet high-quality forged parts. Great insights
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