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drop forged steelDrop forged products are served for a large number of industries, such as automotive, agricultural, mining, forestry, oilfield, etc. Almong all the metal materials, most popular material is drop forged steel. It is widely used because it is a very strong and stable metal that can withstand high temperature heating by drop forging machines, thus can be shaped. Heating the drop forged steel to a high temperature by our medium frequency furnace because under room temperature, the steel is solid and we have no way to make the billet shaped. Only reach a certain temperature can we change the structure. The heated malleability of the metal combined with the force of the hammer shoving the metal against the die usually makes shaping drop forged steel relatively easy. Because of this ease of shaping the sheets of metal can be processed into their required shapes pretty quickly.

Drop forged steel is used in the aerospace industry, the automotive industry, agriculture, and just about any other industry you can think of that uses steel in its machines or in its products. One reason forging factories use drop forged steel as the material is because the process through which the steel must travel to become the metal part of accessory it is meant to be makes the steel incredibly strong. The strength of drop forged steel is a result of the usually simple way the metal is hit by the power hammer. When the metal goes through the forging machine it often only needs to be struck once before it takes its intended shape. This is beneficial because the metal does not need to be heated, struck repeatedly, reheated, and struck again. By taking less of a beating,drop forged steel is made stronger. The next time you are visiting our factory after requesting a quote for drop forging, look at our forging workshop and see if how drop forged steel is constructed.

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