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Drop Forging for Lifting Components

Drop Forging could be used for the manufacturing of all types of lifting components. These components include: Eye bolts, eye nuts, Safety Swivel Hoist Rings, Turnbuckles, C-Clamps, D-Rings and Clips, Plain Clamps, ect. All these lifting components require drop forged because they need to bear high weights when working, and the strength much be high enough. Drop forging process could increase the strength during the forging process, while casting could not reach such effect.

Fly Forge is the drop forging specialist in producing all types of lifting components in competitive prices and good quality. All these products are mainly exported to countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, ect. Below is the introduction of main drop forged lifting components we have made for our customers:
                              drop forging for lifting components

An eye bolt is a threaded rod with a ring for a head. In a shoulder pattern Eye Bolt, the ring is used to hold a fitting or a load, commonly seen in industrial applications. Plain eye bolts feature a ring directly above the threaded rod portion of the fastener, whereas shoulder pattern variety features a shoulder between the ring and the threaded rod. Eye bolts are used to secure an eye to a structure so that a rope, cable or other fixture may be attached to it. Often used to lift heavy equipment.

Eye Nuts

An eye nut is a fastener with a ring for a head, designed to receive a hook or a rope, cable, or chain. Often used to lift heavy equipment vertically, but are not recommended for angular lifting. They are typically used as attachments to equipment for transportation purposes that could not be moved by hand. Eye Nuts come in Style A, Style B, and Style D variants.

Safety Swivel Hoist Rings

Safety Swivel Hoist Rings provide the maximum for lifting heavy loads and are designed to replace conventional lifting hardware. They are excellent for temporary attachment to steel and construction material. Safety Swivel Hoist Rings can Swivel 360° and pivot 180° to compensate for pitch, roll, and sway of heavy loads and have a Safety Factor of 5:1.


Turnbuckle Assemblies and Bodies, also known as stretching screws or bottle screws, are devices used to adjust the tension or length of ropes, cables, tie rods, and other tensioning systems. Turnbuckles consist of an open frame or body and two threaded end fittings being either eye bolts, jaw bolts, stubs, or a combination of end fittings.


C-Clamps are a versatile clamp used to hold a metal or wood workpiece and secure it to a work surface or another workpiece. They are often used in, but not limited to, carpentry and welding.

D-Rings and Clips

Forged D-Rings are tie-down metal rings shaped like the letter D primarily used as lashing points. They are typically secured to a surface using either a bolt-on clip or a weld-on clip. Once installed, the D-Ring serves as a tie down or attachment for rope or chain for lifting.

Plain Clamps

Forged Plain Clamps are simple clamps used to clamp a workpiece and a workplace together. Plain clamps are for general purpose use. The slotted portion of the clamp takes a screw or bolt to fasten the clamp to the workplace while pushing the workpiece down to the workplace via the finger clamp's end placed in the workpiece.

Finger Clamps

Forged Finger Clamps are flat slotted clamps which possess an end that is shaped to fit in a hole in the workpiece to be clamped. The slotted portion of the clamp takes a screw or bolt to fasten the clamp to the workplace while pushing the workpiece down to the workplace via the finger clamp's end placed in the workpiece.

Goose Neck Clamps

Forged Goose Neck Clamps allow the top of the clamping bolt to be positioned below the surface to be machined due to the "Goose Neck" design of the clamp end. The slotted portion of the clamp takes a screw or bolt to fasten the clamp to the workplace while pushing the workpiece down between the goose neck clamp and workplace

Strap Clamps and Saddles

Universal Adjustable Strap Clamps are special clamps that can be modified for most situations to provide a firm grip on a workpiece while fastened to a workplace. The grooves on the top of the strap clamp are intended to take a strap clamp saddle. The Saddle sits atop the clamp while a bolt is fastened through it, and the clamp, into the workplace, securing the whole piece together.

U Clamps

U Clamps are adjustable clamps that form an open U shape. The continuous open slot of the U Clamp allows the clamp to be completely removed from the application independently of the rest of the fixture on the workplace and workpiece.

T-Slot Nuts

T-Slot Nuts are used with a T-slot track on a workbench or machine table to apply fixtures to the workplace, typically clamps. T-Slot nuts have the last thread closed to ensure the screw or bolt applied to it does not extend into the workplace, preventing accidental damage to the table the nut is applied to.

Pad Eyes

A pad eye is a ring, welded to a structure, that acts as a catch (for hooks) or other point of attachment (such as rigging). Pad eyes bear a resembleance to the "head" of eye bolts, and perform a similar function but are intended to be welded to a fixture or structure.

Set-Up Wedges

Forged Set-Up Wedges are used for setting up workpieces and position them properly on the workplace prior to working on them. This type of Set-Up wedge has a shim-style wedge with a smooth tapered design for simplified insertion and a hang hole for pegboard storage.

Solid Machined Rod Ends

A solid rod end, or rod eye, is a threaded rod with a ring for a head. They are designed for applications where a spherical bearing and side-to-side misalignment are not needed. All of our Rod Ends are machined and come threaded.

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