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Hot Die Forging Press for Steel Forging

hot die forging press 2500tHot die forging press is a special forging equipment of batch production and mass production of black and non-ferrous metals that are used for closed die forging.

Hot die forging press is widely used in automotive industry, agricultural machinery, bearings, valves, engineering machinery, hardware tools, oil industry and the forging of the defense industry production. Can complete closed die forging forming of metal parts like blade, horns, gears, chain plate, valves, wrench, bulldozer, connecting rod, ect.

There are mainly three series of hot die forging presses, namely NSP, NMP and NKP. Of course, there are also some auxiliary forging equipments, such as roll forging machine, trimming machine, heating machine, ect.

Characteristics of Hot Die forging press 

Hot die forging presses have advantages of high efficiency, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and suitable for automation forging assembly line.

High blow speed, mould thermal contact time is short, and forging dies service life is long. Using upper and lower design will make draft angle decreasing and forging material saving. High resistance to tilt rate, lead to high precision guide rail and high quality steel forgings.  PLC control, multiple safety operating circuit system,can ensure the operator safety. Left and right sides of the body is equipped with the work window, so that forgings delivery is convenient. Special card die liberation device, make release of dies rapidly, and the operation is simple. Reliable centralized lubrication system and manually add lubrication system, can effectively reduce the friction loss. Equipped with advanced international tonnage meter, can visual display forging force, and set the overload alarm.

Usage: Hot die forging press is widely applied in steel forging production for automotive, railway, shipping, aviation, mining machinery, petroleum machinery. It is indispensable high precision forging equipment for modern steel forging producers.

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