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What are Forged Fittings?

forged fittingsDrop Forging is a processing method by use of forging press put pressure on metal blanks, making it produce plastic deformation in order to obtain certain mechanical properties, a certain shape and sizes. Forging can eliminate the as-cast loose defect produced during metal smelting process, and optimize the microstructure. Meanwhile because of the intact metal flow, the mechanical properties of forging will be better than that of castings in same material.

Main Forged Fittings includeelbow, flange, tee, union, coupling, cap, etc.

Main Standard: American standard ANSI, German standard DIN, Janpanese standard JIS and Chinese GB/T, etc.

General Production Process of forged fittings in hot closed die forging: forging billet blanking,forging billet heating, roll forging, die forging forming, trimming cutting, punching, correction, intermediate inspection (check the size and surface defects of forged fittings), heat treating forged fittings to eliminate forging stress, improve performance of metal cutting, clear up (mainly to remove surface scale, inspection. General forged fittings must pass through appearance and hardness test, chemical composition testing, mechanical properties, and NDT testing, etc.

Differences Between Forged Fittings and Cast fittings

Generally speaking, the mechanical properties of cast fittings is lower than that of forged fittings with the same material. In addition, Forged fitting process can guarantee the continuity of fibrous tissue, making fibrous tissue of forged fittings keep consistent with apperance, and metal flow is complete, thus can guarantee forged fittings with good mechanical properties and long service life with closed die forging, which is incomparable by casting.

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