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3 Reasons to Choose Drop Forging

The usual drop forging process has changed a bit over the years from when blacksmiths hammered hot metal against an anvil or something akin to that to shape the metal into a requested item. But drop forging in general has not actually changed much. Drop forging is still done with the same basic philosophy, that is, pound heated metal into a shape. And while people still forge metal by hand, and not all forging is done with heated metal, the drop forging process has become increasingly mechanized as new forms of technology have developed.
3 Reasons to Choose Drop Forging
There are so many ways to forge metals, and each of these methods have their own peculiarities; One very well named metal forging method is called drop forging. Drop forgings are performed when a person inserts a sheet of metal into the press. This sheet is placed over top of a die, the shape of which is based on whatever has been ordered or what the company has decided to produce that day. Once the metal is securely in the machine, a hammer comes down, or rather drops down, and forces the sheet of metal to take the shape of the die. The hammer itself is called a power or drop hammer – hence the name drop forging – and they usually only need to be dropped on the metal once to get it to the right specifications.

Drop forgings can be done with all sorts of different kinds of metals, but the most popularly used are: steel, copper and aluminum. Drop forging is a popular forging option when the metal you need to shape needs to conform to a rather complicated die. Because the drop hammer usually only needs to strike the metal once to shape it, it is an ideal means to make complex metal shapes in a quick manner.

So since there are so many other metal forming methods out there, why should an industrial company continue to use drop forging for metal parts? Surprisingly enough, drop forging actually has many benefits over other forms of metal working and shaping. Even though the process is thousands of years old, many drop forging companies specifically choose to use drop forging for the benefits that it provides. Some of the benefits that drop forging can offer include:

Improved quality: The drop forging dies are created with a high attention to detail. This improves the quality, especially the strength of the metal, and prevents the weakening of the metal through overworking.

Reduced machining time: Since drop forging companies use dies that look precisely like the finished part, there is much less machining and modification that the metal has to go through after the forging process. This can save manufacturing companies significant time and money throughout the manufacturing process.

Customizable lot size: Because drop forging is done one part at a time, or in small batches, it is easy to customize the amount of products that are produced using the forging method. Customers can choose to make large or small product lots without costing the manufacturing plant significantly extra.

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