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How to Select a Suitable Alloy for Aluminum Forging?

When it comes to aluminum forging, the most atttactive word is "aluminum". We all know that aluminum becomes more and more popular in forging for its light weight compared to steel and brass.

When buyers send a drawing of forged aluminum part to an aluminum forging supplier, the material specification (aluminum alloy) is already clearly marked in the bottom of the drawing. The material selected for aluminum forging will determine the final performance of products. So, it is quite vital to select a suitable alloy before manufacturing.

Like other metal forgings, there are several alloys can be selected in aluminum forging process.

Alloy 6061: The most forgeable and heat-treatable aluminum alloy, while keeping most of the good qualities of aluminum. This grade has a great range of mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. It can be fabricated by most of the commonly used techniques and it has good workability in the annealed condition. As a result, it is used in a wide variety of products and applications where appearance and better corrosion resistance with good strength are required. 

Alloy 6063: Commonly known as an architectural alloy. It has reasonably high tensile properties, excellent finishing characteristics and a high degree of resistance to corrosion. Most often found in various interior and exterior architectural applications and trim. It is very well suited for anodizing applications. 

Alloy 6082: Is a representative aluminum alloy among 6 series alloys, and is an aluminum alloy with excellent properties after hot forging. After hot forging, aluminum products with different dimensions can be formed. 6082 forged aluminum products have excellent processing performance, good corrosion resistance, no deformation after processing, easy coating, and good oxidation effect. Such excellent features, widely used in the automotive lightweight, aerospace and other fields, excellent reputation.

Alloy 7075: This is one of the highest strength aluminum forging alloys available. It has an excellent strength-to weight ratio, and it is ideally used for highly stressed parts. This grade can be formed in the annealed condition and subsequently forged and heat treated, if needed. 

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