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Advantages and Disadvantages of Closed Die Forging

Closed die forging is a metal forming process for small precision parts. We can take use of closed die forging process to desired shapes starting from steel billets. So closed die forging is widely used for all industries served for its unique advantages. Below are the advantages of disadvantages of closed die forging:


*After heating by medium frequency furnace,steel billets will be placed between upper and lower dies and forged in several times at high speed, so that the shape will be deformed quickly. Such press process will make internal grain flow and increase the tightness and strength of products.

*It is no scientific to say closed die forging is expensive for its high tooling cost. Tooling cost of closed die forging is actually higher than that of investment casting for its high die material cost and complex processing process. But for large production runs,we must say it is more cost-effective.

*No material limitaion. Closed die forging is suitable for almost all the metal materials (steel, aluminum and brass).

*Surface finish is better. Normally we could control the surface finish of closed die forgings within Ra 6.3 after shot blasted. Like lost wax casting, the surface finish is only Ra12.5. So there is no doubt that surface finish of closed die forging is better, and we could save much cost to achieve good surface finish.

*Less or machining is required.Compare to casting process, closed die forging can achieve dimensions of tighter tolerances and is near net shape process. So we could just provide forging blanks directly to our customers. Even if we have to do machining sometimes for tighter tolerances, less machining is required.

*Environment protected. The workshop of closed die forging is more clean than that of casting, so that is why we say closed die forging is green manufacturing.


*Size limitation--Although our current largest forging press is 2,500t, it does not mean we could forge all the metal components in any dimensions. Our current length limitation of products is 500mm, for larger products, it can only produced by open die forging or casting.

*It is not cost-effective for short production runs (less than 500pcs) for the high tooling cost.

*Shape limitation--For these components with irregular shape, it is also not available.Such complex products can only be made by casting.

what does 'increase the tightness. . .of the product' mean
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