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Custom Metal Parts in Closed Die Forging

custom metal forgingsWhen you finish the design for a metal part,you can choose both casting and forging for it (see forging vs casting ). But if you would like to customize it in a large quantity, low cost, close tolerance, high strength and short lead time, closed die forging technology is the best choice for you.

Closed die forging can be made in different metals,such as forged steel,aluminum,brass,ect. The select of material will mainy depond on the application of its industry. At Fly Forge, we can take any design and metal into production with our advanced closed die forging process. And forged steel is the most common used material by our customer for its special characristics.

Currently, we have made a lot of custom metal parts in closed die forging ranging from agricultural metal parts used in agricultural machinery to a metal parts used in oilfield industry, and other metal components for all industries.

Some typical examples of forged metal components include:

Forged pipe fittings, flanges
Tub grinder teeth
Agricultural wear parts
Automotive parts
Lifting & rigging hardwares
Trailer parts
Other custom forgings

Quality control for custom metal forgings 

As almost all the metal components are customized according to our customes' drawings or samples, so it is quite important to ensure high quality before delivery. Normally after finishing each process of forging, we will make a card to record to inspection status of the metal parts. Such inspection include 100% visual inspection and inner defect testing. Regular testings are dimension testing, spectroscopic analysis, hardness test, impact test, tensile strength testing, ect. Besides, PPAP file can also be provided in our factory if necessary.

Advantages of custom metal forgings in our company

At CFS Drop Forge, we provide custom metal forgings that meet the requirements of the most demanding industrial applications. We emphasize design-for-manufacturability to provide value and quality to your finished product. Experienced in a wide variety of forging methodologies, we are capable of forging components from virtually any forgeable metal including all types of steel, aluminum, bronze, nickel, titanium, corrosion resistant, and high temperature alloys. We can supply closed die forgings weighting from 0.2kgs-50kgs.

Another obvious advantage is that all the operations(forging dies, forging blank, heat treatment, machining, package, ect) are done in our own workshop,so it will without doubt provide custom metal forgings for our customers in a more cost-effective way and deliver products in the shortest time, which will make your products more competitive in the market. So if you request a quote for forged parts, pls contact us. Or email sales@dropforging.net directly, we will reply you in the first time.

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