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Choose A Good Aluminum Forging supplier in China

About Aluminum Forging

Due to the advantages of aluminum forging, anyone working in the forging industry knows that use of aluminum forging is growing. Even with fluctuating prices, the demand of aluminum forgings is still much stronger compared to steel forgings and copper forgings.

As key suppliers to the automotive and other aluminum-consuming industries, forges need to ensure their skills and equipment line up with market demand. Like any material, aluminum forgings’ unique properties require manufacturers to be equipped with the right metalworking tools and techniques.

Aluminum alloys, such as 6061, 6063, 7075, etc, are the most readily forged into precise, intricate shapes. Mainly because:
  • very ductile at normal forging temperatures
  • can be forged in steel dies that are heated to the same temperature as the workpiece
  • do not develop scale during heating
  • require low forging pressures
  • may be forged at high or low strain rates
While these properties certainly make aluminum alloys ideal for forging, they also have different requirements compared to other forged materials. For example, temperature controls and furnace construction for aluminum are different from those used with ferrous materials. Specifically, indirect-fired or electric resistance-type furnaces equipped with internal fans are often preferred for aluminum. In most cases, this usually means new furnaces for the steel forger contemplating forging aluminum. Other forging processes such as trimming, heat treatment, and quality inspection also need to take aluminum’s distinctive attributes into consideration. 

Choose a Good Aluminum Forging Supplier in China

To save costs, lots of foreign buyers are happy to make aluminum forgings in China. We all know that a reliable supplier can not only help to supply good quality products, but also save costs for you. Then, how to choose a good aluminum forging supplier in China?
Before you place your first order to a new aluminum forging supplier in China, you need to be very careful for the choice you make, which Chinese manufacturer you should go? There are terrible stories, consequence of wrong choices made, that I heard more than once from my friends from west. As a local Chinese aluminum forging company, I would like to share some guidelines with you.

Firstly you need to know what your needs are. Discuss through with the China aluminum forging suppliers about the requirements and make sure everything is clear. If you need aluminum hot forging, you should be clear that the company you are contacting is hot forged, not cold forged.

Ask questions about what kind of parts they are experienced with. The machines equipped and the people hired determine the capabilities of the Chinese aluminum forging manufacturer, you should ask if they have that kind of capacity when your aluminum forgings exceed 1kg.

Ask questions about the project management process. A mature China aluminum forging company would have well organized managing procedure. A experienced project manager will make a magnificent differences even under the same aluminum forging capacity, it's important to foresee the potential risks and take actions before happening, a good project manager can always lead the project to the right path. Do they provide manufacturing schedule and admit to follow it? Do they provide injection parameter reports and dimension reports when they deliver samples? etc.

Ask question about the quality control, what measurement equipment's are equipped? How many QA they have. How do they do quality insurance? I think you will get to know them much better after they answer your questions.

There will be always a little unpredictable when you are trying to do business with Chinese companies thousand miles away, especially the people you deal have so much differences in culture. But I would say if you look careful with an open mind, you will find the most suitable China aluminum forging manufacture partners like CFS Forge, and it will help you to achieved your goals: competitive pricing and qualified aluminum forgings

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