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Benefits of Drop Forging in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry relies on drop forging for a variety of applications. Most automobiles have many metal parts that must be drop forged into specific shapes. Drop forging is the perfect method for making these parts. When choosing a metal for the drop forging process, steel or aluminum are often obvious choices. Refer to Forged Steel vs. Forged Aluminum in Automotive Production for the differences...

At the same time, steel is one of the easiest metals to forge, and steel drop forging for automotive parts offers numerous benefits. Steel drop forging combines a high level of production efficiency, superior quality and cost-effectiveness. Here’s our guide to using drop forging for automobile parts, including benefits, applications and the drop forging process in the industry.

Benefits of Drop Forging

The benefits of using drop forging include:
  • Faster drop forging process: The main die casting process is closed die drop forging. Drop forging requires upper and lower dies to press the billets into desired shapes. This process only need few seconds to complete, and the whole manufacturing process is more simple than casting process, saving you both time and money.
  • Maximum strength and hardness: Drop forged parts are naturally stronger than cast parts without any special treatment. In fact, with drop forging, quality problems can be effectively avoided.
  • Greater flexibility: It is easier to work with and gives you more options when forging parts. With drop forging, you can make parts in different shapes and materials. This capability makes up for the fact that aluminum is lighter in weight than steel and copper.
  • Excellent production efficiency: Under drop forging process, our workers can forge around 3,000pcs per day.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable: Making products out of sustainable resources is more important than ever. Drop forging is an environmentally friendly process.
  • Better stability and finishing: Drop forging offers a higher level of dimension stability than other processes as well as smooth surface finish to save machining cost. 

Applications of Drop Forging in the Automotive Industry   

There are many applications for drop forging in the automotive industry. One of the most important is manufacturing parts designed to increase the safety of the vehicle, such as rocker arm, control arm, etc. The ability to forge metal into very specific parts, without losing the metal’s stability and strength, makes drop forging ideal for automotive safety components.

Due to its excellent strength, drop forging is also often used to make critical parts of the vehicle.

Many automotive manufacturers prefer to make small automotive parts as drop forging as possible, since drop forged products greatly increase the quality to guarantee the safety of the car. They already have an attractive finish, so they do not need to undergo any special finishing. Plus, automotive drop forged parts are already strong, so there’s no need to worry about the quality problem.

Forging Process Used in the Automotive Industry

Drop forging is made for the automotive industry. Although drop forging is used in a variety of industries, the modern drop forging process was designed to accommodate the many metal part needs of automobile production. Companies like CFS Forge have been drop forging parts for automotive products such as trucks, recreational vehicles and off-road vehicles for many decades.

Contact CFS Forge to Learn More About Drop Forging

For over 30 years, CFS Forge has been the East Coast expert in metal drop forging. We know all about the benefits of drop forging for automotive parts. We can also discuss drop forging needs for many different industries, such as trailer, forestry, contruction machinery, agriculture and more. 

We are a China based drop forging company that is ISO 9001 Certified and active with the China Forging Association. We strive to become an extension of our partners by offering experienced, reliable services.

For more information about drop forging or for a consultation on your company’s specific drop forging needs, contact CFS Forge today.

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