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Forging for Military Application

To defend countries, the military must constantly develop new defense technology and equipment that performs on and off the field. From Humvees and tanks to jets and satellites, military technology is more advanced than ever before, requiring detailed machinery consisting of extremely precise parts.
To keep existing machines running properly and to help design and prototype the military machines of the future, the military organizations use only the best manufacturing processes on the market to produce their parts and prototypes. One of these processes is forging.

What is Forging?

Forging is manufacturing process where metal is pressed, pounded or squeezed under great pressure into high strength parts known as forgings. The process is normally (but not always) performed hot by preheating the metal to a desired temperature before it is worked. It is important to note that the forging process is entirely different from the casting (or foundry) process, as metal used to make forged parts is never melted and poured (as in the casting process).

Why Forging?

  • Forgings can withstand extreme pressure and maintain structural integrity under stress. Once produced, forgings have a broad range of uses for military application as well as other industries ranging, such as heavy trucks, medical supplies, automotive parts, aerospace, etc. 
  • The forging process creates military parts that are stronger than those manufactured by any other metalworking process. Forging takes advantage of the metal’s natural grain flow, shaping the grain flow to conform to the contours of each part’s unique geometry. This grain flow contouring is lost when cutting through the grain by machining it and is also lost when casting parts. Forging offers a single piece versus a welded unit, as the weld quality can be hard to replicate without additional inspection.
  • Forgings can be nearly any shape, which reduces the need for joining multiple pieces. Reducing the joint can improve the overall strength of the unit as the forging does not need to be welded or otherwise fastened together.

Military Forgings from CFS Forge

military forgings

CFS Drop Forge supplies a series of closed die forging solutions of drive train, driveline yokes, shifter forks, parking sprags, steering yoke forgings and other military specific forging products for defense equipments. Our goal is to provide defense and military companies the quality forged parts for large defense equipment or any other defense and military needs.

Our combined capabilities are truly unmatched when it comes to forgings for the Military industry. CFS Drop Forge produces precision crafted military forgings and components. We have a long history of supplying Military OEMs. Many of our forged aviation components are considered defense industry standards. We produce our military metal forgings and machined components to ensure successful, military mission performance.

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