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Automotive Forgings

Forging is manufacturing process that applys compressive forces to shape metals into desired dimensions. Due to the high efficient production of forging method, lots of automotive parts reply forging process to increase their strength and be more durable. 

Closed die forging is one of the main drop forging processes used to creat critical metal components for industries. By closed die forging, parts can be shaped into good size accuracy. Net or near net shapes make automotive forgings with no or less machining operations. During closed die forging process, metal billets are heated and pressed under forging dies, this step can help to optimize the crystal structure of the metals. In addtions, the strength can be improved compared with casting or machining process.

In our company, many closed die forgings are used for automotive industry. Closed die forging will make automotive parts in a more stable working station. CFS Drop Forge provided forging solutions for automotive components. Our aim is to offer automotive companies high quality products.

Typical Automotive Forgings:
As a ISO/TS16949 certified forging manufacturer, we can customize all the automotive forgings according to your specifications. Our services for both die/mould, forging and machining solutions will bring yourbetter use or sell. Contact and send us your PFQ right now, we will reply you in the first time.
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automotive forgings
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