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Can i buy connecting rod blank only from drop forging companies?

Case:We are a UK based precision machining company for metal components with tight size tolerances for all industries,especially for automotive,construction,forestry,ect.We are now looking for a drop forging company to supply connecting rod blanks only,and we will do machining here locally.

Analysis:This customer contacted us via email and sent us the drawings both in pdf and 3d format.Our sales manager forwarded the drawings to our engineer and marked main information(material,quantity,weight).From the product information we can judge that it is within our production ability.But there is an hardness requirment(45-50HRC),which can only meet by heat treatment.So we are confused if we heat treat forged connecting rod,will it be machinable by our customer?We did talk about this issue with them,and the result is that heat treatment will be done in UK locally after machining.

Although modern manufacturing process of forged connecting rod is keep improving,there are still some shortcomings  
in machining the connecting rod.At least for drop forging company,they are not good at precision machining.Only
professional machining factory can do well.So we prefer to supply forging blanks and do rough machining only.
Of course,machining allowance will be left for machining.

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