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With Which Materials that Closed Die Forging is Commonly Used?

Closed die forging is applied for almost all the metal materials, but in actual production, only part of the materials are used for the different characteristics of each kind. Material is also one of the main factors that affect the cost of closed die forgings. Below is the common material that used in closed die forging:


Steel is most commonly used material that for closed die forging. Such steel normally refers to alloy steel, carbon steel and stainless steel. In comparison, the metal flow of stainless steel is worse than other steel, so it is difficult to forge stainless steel billets into complex shapes. Stainless steel material is often used for components that require corrosion resistance and rust resistancel. Alloy steel and carbon steel are the most widely used in closed die forging process for its competitive price and easy deformation. We could choose alloy&carbon steel for almost all the industries. As a professional Steel forgings manufacturer, we can produce closed die forgings ranging from 0.2kg-50kgs.


Aluminum is adopted for its low density, high strength and easy machining. So it is widely used in the automotive and aerospace industries. But as it is easily deformed and metal flow is bad, so it is a challenge for domestic forging factories, and we can see only few forging companies can produce aluminum forgings.


Brass is also feasible in closed die forging process, but is the most expensive material compared with steel and aluminum, so it is not widely used. Plasticity of most  brass alloys is good, so we can forge brass smoothly. Also it is not sensitive to stress and deformation, even if under high speed deformation and high stress condition, there will still exist enough plasticity. Brass forging is most commonly used for valve and pump fittings.

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