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Carburizing Treatment after Drop Forging

What is Carburzing Treatment?

Carburzing Treatment is a common heat treatment methods, it is a chemical process that carbon atoms entering the surface of drop forged products by heating drop forgings into carburzing medium and heat preservation, thus to increase the carbon content of surface layer, and form a certain carbon concentration gradient.
carburizing treatment after drop forging
Technical Principle of Carburzing Treatment

1. Decomposition

Decompose carburizing medium, then to produce active carbon atoms.

2. Adsorption

The active carbon is absorbed by the surface of drop forgings, which is dissolved into the surface of the austenitic body, then increases the carbon content of the austenitic body.

3. Diffusion

With the increasing of carbon content in the surface layer of drop forgings, there will produce concentration difference of carbon content between surface layer and inner area. So the carbon in the surface will diffuse into the inner area of drop forged products. The temperature will affect the diffusion speed, besides the concentration difference and the alloy elements of drop forgings will also affect the diffusion speed.

Application of Carburizing Treatment in Forging

Materials of drop forgings that require carbuzing treatment are commonly selected as low carbon steel or low alloy steel (carbon content less than 0.25%). To maximum the working performance of carburizing treatment, drop forgings need to be quenched after carburizing treatment. Normally, the depth of carburizing treatment is 0.8-2mm. After carburizing,the surface hardness of drop forgings can reach HRC58-63, and the inner hardness can be HRC30~42. In addition, After carburizing, the surface of drop forgings will compress the internal stress, which will be beneficial to improve the fatigue strength of products. Therefore, carburizing is widely used in drop forging to impreve the strength, impact toughness and wear resistance, thus to longer the working life of forgings. 

See Mechanical Processing after Carburizing Treatment of Drop Forging to learn more about carburizing treatment.

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