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Ultrasonic Cleaning for drop forging

ultrasonic cleaning for drop forgingUltrasonic cleaning is a common cleaning way for drop forging. It can remove scale cinder and other impurities of drop forgings in a rapid and complete removal way to win a better surface.

The process is brought about by high frequency electrical energy that is converted by a transducer into high frequency sound waves – ultrasonic energy. Its ability to clean drop forgings even the most tenacious substances from items derives from the core of the unit: the transducer. The cleaning power of a unit stems from the transducers performance.

The efficiency of the transducer will affect both the cleaning time and efficacy achieved during the cleaning cycle. A poor quality transducer will use more power and take longer to clean drop forgings than a good transducer. This is why Ultrawave have invested in this area in such great depth, in order to provide you with a benchmark transducer. The ultrasonic energy enters the liquid within the tank and causes the rapid formation and collapse of minute bubbles:a phenomenon known as cavitation. The bubbles rapidly increase in size until they implode against the surface of the item immersed in the tank in an enormous energy release, which lifts contamination off the surface and innermost recesses of intricately shaped parts. It is this ability to clean box joints, hinges and threads quickly and effectively that has made ultrasonic cleaners the first choice for drop forgings in many industries for many years.

There are many variables which need taking into account when cleaning drop forgings. Heat, power, frequency, detergent type and time all affect the cleaning process but the flexibility of ultrasonics means that these can all incorporated into the process in order to achieve the most effective results. This photograph (right) shows Ultrasonic cleaning in action on a pair of surgical forceps. The bubbles can be clearly seen forming around the item. As the bubbles implode and cavitation occurs, the cleaning solution rushes into the gap left by the bubble. As this fluid makes contact with the forceps, any contaminants that are present are removed. Thus you will see drop forgings with good surface after ultrasonic cleaning.

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