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How to Custom Drop Forgings in China?

Drop forging products are mostly assembled in equipments when bearing strong power. So when designing drawing for metal parts, the engineer would choose drop forging process because of its good properties. We could see a lot of drop forging companies all over the world. Comparing with developed countries, people prefer to custom drop forgings in China for the high cost-effective performance. But how to custom drop forgings in China? It is really a big learning for these guys who never have such experience before.

*Firstly, you should know Chinese industrial structure. Ningbo is not only a sea port city,but also famous for its forging industry. Take CFS Drop Forge for example, we have been in forging field for more than ten years with 150 workers. Of course,there are also some other drop forging factories in Ningbo.

*Secondly, it is also important to find drop forging companies in the search engine. Like google, you may see lots of such information. But most of them are trading company. Now cooperating with factory may be a better choice for competitive price and direct communication. We, CFS Drop Forge, has successfully make industrial transformation come true. We have a professional seo team to make website in the top ranking of google. And you can find us very easily.

*Thirdly, as all the drop forgings are customized by customers' drawing or sample. So you should send the drawing or sample to the potential suppliers with completed information, like material, weight, quantity, surface treatment, package, ect. Such information will help us to offer you a correct price.

*Lastly, after you receive all the quotations from these suppliers, do cost analysis for drop forging in different sides. Pls note lowest price is not the best choose in most case. Except price, you still need to concern about the scale, equipments, lead time, etc. Then you will know which one is the best.

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