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drop forging diesHere all the drop forgings made in our company are closed die forgings, not open die forgings, so we will need to make dies first before drop forging. The material of drop forging dies is die steel, such as H13, P20, etc.

In our factory, you will first see an individual machining workshop with lots of CNC center. Just as you see, it is our dies workshop. All the dies for drop forgings are made by ourselves, so comparing with other forging factory whose dies are outsouring made, we could offer you a more competitive die cost. Besides, it will be better for us the control the quality and production time. Really a wide choice to come to CFS Drop Forge!
Drop forging process can make the metal piece stronger than investment casted or machined part. When forging, the metal is shape and its internal grain flows to follow the shape of the part. At last, the grain is continuous throughout the part, thus to improve the stength.

Although there are lots of advantages of forging process, we still can not leave machining. Drop forging can only provide blanks, if you have higher demands, like making holes, better surface finish, tight tolerance for correct assembly,etc, we have to meet by machining. CFS' on-site machining workshop allows us to be your best source for finished and machined parts. In our company, our customers are able to eliminate the quality inconsistencies, which is due to separate forging and machining manufacturers. Besides, it will also help you to save much costs and time.
What is heat treatment?
Heat treatment is a hot metal working process referred to material under solid state, by means of heating, heat preservation and cooling, to get the expected organization and properties. So heat treatment is commonly utilized after drop forging process to improve the mechanical properties. So different heat treatment processes have different characteristics, we do heat treatment only follow our customer's requirements. No heat treatment will be done for drop forgings if there is no such demands. The main heat treatment processes include: Normalizing, Annealing, Quenchining, Induction hardening, Case hardening, Solution treatment,etc.
When we finish production,if there is no special requirements on surface treatment, we will just do shotblasting, and dip into anti-rust oil to protect against corrosion. But we could also provide customers with value-added other surface treatment services as designed in the drawings. There are many kinds of surface treatment ways, like anti-rusting, painting, powder coating, zinc plating, black oxidization, pickling & passivation, electro painting, etc.

Painting is the most commonly used way for drop forging surface treatment.We could paint in different coulours (black, red, yellow, bule, etc). But it is better that sample or colour disk could be provided in case of colour difference, especially for some brand products, such as John deere.
As all of our drop forgings are served for different industries and exported to countries all over the world. So package is also very important, which can protect the forgings from corrision during seawater travelling. In our factory,the common used package is that making a plywood box according to the size of drop forgings, such plywood boxes are also accepted by all countries, so there is no need to ask for fumigation certificate when release from overseas customs, and then wrap the products with ploybay in the box.

Besides this, some customers also require the drop forgings be packed to be more careful for high surface requirements. For example, for drop forgings with machined thread, in order to avoid any damage during delivery, customers may require single package so that the thread will be in good condition. But our customers will have to bear the cost for these addtional package requirements.
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