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How was Drop Forging Used in the Past?

Drop forging is one of the oldest metal-forming processes that is still used as of this date. 

Did you know drop forging process is already 6,000 years old! Fascinating, right?

The art of the drop forging techniques dates to at least 4000 BC and earlier. The hot forging of metals all began in the land of Mesopotamia, between the Tigris and the Euphrates.

Bronze and iron went through the drop forging process by the early man to produce hand tools, weapons of war, and jewelry. However, the very first recorded metal, forged by fire and employed by humans was Gold. To shape the metal, rock was used as a drop forging hammer. Until the end of the 19th century, the precision drop forging of iron and steel continued.

Original Use

Original Use of Drop Forging
The use of drop forging in ancient civilization was a bit different from the current method applied today. After the mid-19th century, the drop forging technology got in contact with an energy source of a hitherto unknown dimension. After the encounter, the drop forging industry was no longer dependent on the river locations. It developed powerful steam hammers and air hammers after that.

The late 19th and the early 20th century smiths incorporated hammers driven by transmission shafts. With the help of such hammers, they produced an assortment of drop forged parts mainly for the railway, car, and agricultural industry.

Modern Use

Modern Use of Drop Forging
Representing a novel level of drop forging efficiency and control, today we have modern computer-controlled hydraulic and air hammers. The up-to-date machinery contributes to a successful progress in the drop forged products.

The drop forging industry skillfully produces a wide range of parts in forged steel, forged aluminum and forged copper. These drop forged parts are mainly for use in the aerospace, automotive, mining, agriculture, and energy industries.

It was the desire to design adorning materials from precious metals that gave birth to the process of drop forging as an art form. Today, drop forging has become a worldwide famous industry significantly contributing to the development of the mankind!

What Makes Drop Forging a Popular Metal-Forming Process?

If you want to know why drop forging survived throughout these decades and remains a widely used process, contact our staff at CFS Forge. We can walk you through its history and help you realize why it’s an important metal-forming process.

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