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Drop Forging in US vs China

Now there are also lots of drop forging companies in US. However,there is no doubt that custom drop forgings in China will give you much competitive cost advantage. You could also see many foreign people live and work as purchasers in Ningbo, a city where CFS Drop Forge located.


Language is no longer a barrier in China. 20 years ago, English is listed in compulsory course by Chinese board of education. So in drop forging industry,we had tons of professional engineers speak fluent English. For better communication, we are 24 hours online to answer all the questions you need. Besides, there are also some foreign purchasers speak Chinese very well.This makes purchasing in China easier.

Low costs

Here the low costs include many sides. Most obvious sides are larbour cost and raw material cost. In the past 10 years, although there is a rapid increasing every year for lack of labour, it is still a advantage in China for increased productivity of individual labour. Recently, the raw material cost is also dropping. In addtion, you may say there exists hidden cost buying drop forging from China. We have to say it is not exactly right. Just take our company for example, we will make all the samples (within 3 pcs) for free. And all the costs will be listed clearly in the quotation sheet.

Quality assurance

We can not deny that there are still some small-scale drop forging factories in China supplying unqualified products. But in CFS Drop Forge, it is impossible for our district quality control system. What you need to do is keep your eyes open to find a good drop forging supplier. A visiting is better before ordering.

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