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Manufacturing Process of Forged Rubber Track Metal Core

As a global supplier for forged steel components, our customers have long benefited from the high performance value of forged rubber track metal cores. We are alway striving for excellece in delivering innovation, value and quality. Below is the a complete manufacturing process showing how our forged rubber track metal core is made:

Step 1-Like other drop forged products,rubber track metal core is also produced by closed die forging process. So developping forging dies is the first step for manufacturing. Normally afte designing the forging dies according to the dimensions of products, it will be precision machined by CNC,which consists of upper and lower dies.

Step 2-After finishing forging dies, we will choose a certain diameter round bar and cut into same length according to the structure of metal core, then heating the billets using our automatic medium frequency heating furface to a high temperature, so that it can be easily shaped later.

Step 3-In this step, the forging dies has been attached to the forging press. When the heated round bars are ready, the workers will place them between the dies and then shaped into a metal core shape. And you can see the excess material around the products, we can this flash. So to get net shape products, we still need to remove the flash by trimming dies.

Step 4-After forging, heat treatment will help to add the strength and improve the mechanical properties of products. This job will greatly longer the working life of rubber track metal cores.

Step 5-After forging and heat treatment, you will see scale cinders in the surface of products, so to remove, rubber track metal core will be shot blasted by small steel balls. In this way, the surface finish will be much better.

Step 6-Just finishing production is not enough. Inspection is also necessary before delivery. For rubber track metal core,inspection includes dimentional inspection, bend testing, defects testing, etc. After testing, the perfect products are packaged and delivered to the destination port.

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